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  • Tempo: The App That Keeps Growing
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Tempo is a calendar app that launched this past February. The developers behind Tempo knew that the app was great, but they weren't ready for the massive influx of users. In order to deal with many requests for the app, the developers created a waiting line, of sorts.

Now, that waiting line has cleared up, and the app is ready to roll for all. No idea what Tempo is or what you've been missing? This is one app that you'll want to check out. Why? Take a look at what this app does.

Why You Want Tempo

Essentially, Tempo makes your calendar smarter. A lot smarter. So smart that appointments will include driving directions and other pertinent details, right from your calendar app. For example, if you have a meeting booked for next Tuesday evening at 7pm, Tempo will tell you how to get to that meeting, where you can park, and all kinds of other amazing details.

In short, Tempo makes getting where you need to go a lot simpler. Another great feature of Tempo is contact information and emails. If you're meeting someone, Tempo will show you that person's contact information just by looking at your calendar. If any emails have been sent in relation to your meeting, Tempo will pull those up too. You don't have to visit any outside apps or inboxes in order to gather the information that you need. Tempo does it all for you. See why Tempo is so popular?

Now, You Wait

As mentioned, the Tempo team didn't anticipate such large numbers of people want to use the app. Now that this article has been printed, even more people will want to use the app. So, you might have a bit of a waiting period if you want to download the app, but the Tempo team assures users that they are swiftly moving through that massive lineup.

Tempo is available right now for iOS users in the USA and Canada. There's no word yet on an Android version of this app, but I'm betting that the Android version will come sooner rather than later. If Tempo had this much success with iOS users, there's a whole new Android market waiting to be tapped.

Who Needs This App

If you never have any appointments or meetings, you might not get a lot of use out of Tempo. But, if your days and nights are booked with things to do, Tempo will save you lots of time and effort. I mean, what other app tells you where to park when you head to a meeting, or can conjure up contact information and emails pertaining to any kind of meeting? This app is intelligent, it makes life simpler, and it can be used by anyone, really.

I'm also thinking that small business owners will love what Tempo does -- especially if you run the kind of business that requires appointment after appointment. Got Tempo? No? Go get it! Tempo is in the Apple App Store right now.