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  • The Beats Pill: Not a Jambox
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The Jawbone Jambox has largely cornered the wireless speaker market for the past couple of years. Now, Beats is moving in on Jawbone’s territory. Beats has just released the Pill, which actually looks like a giant red, black, or white pill. Questionable style and name choice aside, the Pill gives the Jambox some decent competition. In fact, both systems are very similar when compared.

Jawbone Jambox and Beats Pill Similarities

Since there are more similarities than differences, this is a good place to begin. Both the Jambox and the Pill use Bluetooth technology. Both can simply connect to your smartphone and double as a wireless speaker. The two systems are even priced the same at $199, and both come in hard-to-ignore colors. Clearly, Beats is going directly after Jawbone’s market here. So, where do the Pill and the Jambox differ? Really, it all comes down to sound.

Beats Takes Sound Seriously

For awhile, Beats headphones were the headphones to, well, beat. This was mostly due to Dr. Dre’s endorsement, but it was also due to excellent sound. Beats has always taken sound seriously, and the Pill doesn’t disappoint. As it turns out, there’s a reason why the Pill is shaped like a pill. The tubular shape of this system allows the Pill to produce better sound.

The Jawbone Jambox comes with two drivers, which produce great sound. But, Beats isn’t about to be outdone when it comes to drivers, and the Pill has four. It’s also been pointed out that the Pill doesn’t deliver quite as much distortion as the Jambox. This is a really important point to keep in mind if you like to crank up the volume. The Pill also delivers great sound when not listening to tunes heavy on bass. As far as bass goes, though, Jambox still has those deep tones covered best. All-in-all, the Pill is an excellent Jambox competitor. Since the two systems are priced the same, it’s also worth listening to both systems prior to purchasing either one.

Where Beats and Jawbone Really Shine

The whole concept behind the Jambox and the Pill is portability. These systems can easily be tossed into an overnight bag or brought along on a trip. With Bluetooth connectivity, listening to music or watching a movie with wireless sound is easy to do. If you’re in the market for portable sound crammed into a shiny and colorful box, the Pill is really a good buy. The only thing that I’d caution against is the fact that the Pill includes a built-in battery. The problem here is that built-in batteries can’t be replaced, and that could get costly.

On the flip side, pretty much every system, portable or otherwise, comes with a built-in battery these days. Finding a speaker system that has a detachable battery could be tricky (even Bose has gone the built-in route). The Beats Pill is currently available online retailers like Amazon or through the Beats website.