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  • The Logitech Cube
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Logitech has invented a rectangular device called the Cube. The Cube is a mouse and a presentation tool all rolled into one for those days when you need to use a mouse, and the quickly switch over to making a presentation. Kidding aside, the Cube seems to have its merits, and it’s a device that many will want to see in action once Logitech decides to release it to the masses. Right now, Logitech hasn’t come up with a release date, but the company has told press that the Cube will retail for $69.99.

So, why would you want a device called the Cube, that’s shaped like a rectangle, and is really a mouse disguised as a presentation tool? Well, there are a few reasons why this device might serve some purposes rather well. On the other hand, there are some reasons why the Cube may fail once it’s released.

Why the Cube?

If you were to catch a glimpse of this device on Logitech’s website, you’d see that the Cube doesn’t look like any ergonomic mouse you’ve seen before. This is, of course, largely because the Cube isn’t ergonomic by any stretch of the imagination. Wrapping your hand around a mouse that’s shaped like a rectangle will likely cause a lot of hand pain. However, the Cube wasn’t meant to solely perform mouse-like functions. Instead, the Cube was meant to be used during those pesky presentations.

If you’ve made a presentation before, you’ve likely been in a situation where you had to scroll down a slide on your laptop, and then pick up a presenter in order to skip to the next slide (or something along those lines). The Cube will make the go-between a lot easier. Instead of being forced to use two different devices (a mouse and a presenter), all you really need is the Cube. For this reason alone, Logitech has come up with a good tool that teachers and business people alike will enjoy using.

Why It’s Not a Good Idea

There’s no doubt about the fact that the Cube caters to a niche market. The average person shopping for a mouse is not likely to pick up a Cube in place of a comfortable mouse. This is something that should be considered, but, then again, I’m sure Logitech’s not banking on the Cube to make the company a ton of money. Another reason why the Cube is not a good idea goes directly back to the device’s shape.

As mentioned above, there’s nothing really comfortable looking about the Cube. In fact, it looks like this device could cause an avid type a lot of grief. Companies that buy Cubes for employees hoping to save some cash (instead of buying presenters and mice) are bound to have a roomful of unhappy employees. However, there’s no doubt that the Cube has its place, and it will be a very interesting device to test out once it hits the market. Right now, the Cube is still in development stage, though you can expect to see it on store shelves within the near future.