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  • myType: The Next Big Keyboard Thing
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Is there room for another Bluetooth keyboard on the market? Do we really need another keyboard meant to pair up with mobile devices? A company called myType seems to think so. This company has created a compact keyboard that's meant to provide your hands with a full QWERTY option when you are using any mobile device.

What makes myType different from all the other Bluetooth keyboards out there? For one, this keyboard interlocks keys when it is folded (made from a durable rubber), so it's simple to carry around. For another reason, the myType keyboard is meant to be compatible with all mobile devices, and it also comes in some appealing colors.

The myType Keyboard Difference

myType is currently a Kickstarter campaign device. That means that the device can't be purchased in any store at the moment, and you will have to support the company's Kickstarter campaign in order to get your own keyboard (it will cost you around $59). The keyboards are nice to look at, though, and do come in some eye-catching colors, but the question remains: do we really need another Bluetooth mobile device keyboard like this one?

The many people already backing myType seem to think so. Since the company posted the startup campaign, myType has already gained more than double what the company was originally asking for. What does this mean? People want a keyboard like the one the myType has created. You can get your hands on one, too, if you pledge that $59 to the company. Is there any other reason why the myType keyboard is so popular right now?

Other Options: Not As Good

There are other Bluetooth compact keyboard options on the market right now. However, most of those keyboards don't work as well as the myType keyboard. How can this be true? The myType team promises that this keyboard will not be sent to market, or mailed to any backers, until it is absolutely perfect. That means that this team is going to figure out what's wrong with competitor keyboards and create a better product.

The myType is approximately one-foot long when it is unrolled; it has a USB charging port; and it can reach up to 33 wireless feet. This keyboard also has a battery life of around 8 hours, which is significantly better than other keyboards in its class. All of these things combine to make a keyboard that people want.

Too Expensive?

Even though the myType keyboard seems to have everything necessary, that price tag still seems a big high. Would you pay $59 for a wireless keyboard that you can use with any mobile device? If you type a lot, this keyboard may have some very important uses. If not, that small device screen may work just fine - but there's one more thing to consider.

myType states that people's fingers aren't growing any smaller, so why use a mobile keyboard that doesn't give fingers the room needed to type efficiently? myType aims to do just that: give your fingers the room that they need to work without wires from your mobile device.