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  • The Origin Chronos: A Great Gaming PC
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There are gaming PCs and then there are gaming PCs. The Origin Chronos is a gaming PC for serious gamers. It’s also a PC for gamers who don’t like the usual look of a boring PC. Really, there’s nothing about the design work that went into building and shaping the Chronos. This PC really looks more like a GameCube (remember that console?) than a PC, and that, my friends, is a good thing. Aside from the sheer genius that is the design of the Origin Chronos, this gaming PC is packed with a great graphics cards, plenty of portals, and lots of other fun goodies.

Details: Nvidia Is What This PC Is All About

If you’re a Nvidia fan, you will appreciate the fact that the Chronos comes with a 1.28GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 560Ti graphics card. If you’re wondering how the Chronos compares to Alienware’s X65, that gaming PC comes with a 1GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 560Ti graphics card, so the Origin Chronos is already ahead of the game just based on graphics alone, and graphics, as any gamer knows, is really what a gaming PC is all about. What else does the Chronos have aside from a great graphics card?

An Intel Z68 motherboard, a 4.7GHz Intel Core i5 processor (overclocked), 8GB SDRAM, a dual-layer DVD burner, 750GB hard drive, and Windows 7 Home Premium. So, as you can see, the Origin Chronos is a well thought out machine that’s brimming with excellent components. The only thing that might deter you from seriously considering this gaming PC is the price.

Pricing Compared

The Origin Chronos retails for just over $1000 at $1199. This might seem like a high price to pay if you are going to compare the Chronos to, say, the Alienware X51. But, it has to be pointed out that the Alienware X51 comes with a lesser graphics card (Nvidia 1GB GeForce GTX), a 3GHz Core i5 2320 processor, and an Intel H61 motherboard. Sure, the Alienware option also comes with a $999 price tag, but that’s just a $200 difference. For that extra $200, you get a PC that’s better equipped to handle your gaming speed.

The Chronos also matches up to almost every other PC in its price range rather well. The time and effort that Origin put into building this PC is evident from the sleek outer shell to the insides of the PC that are really just gold. In fact, I’m a bit surprised that this PC isn’t more expensive than it is given the fact that’s it’s brimming with goodies. The Origin Chronos isn’t the absolute top of the line as far as gaming PCs go, but it is really a PC that should be on every gamer’s consideration list.

After reading some user reviews, it appears that the one thing you may not bargain for when buying this PC is Origin’s current customer service responsiveness. A few consumers who purchased the PC were not happy with what Origin had to offer customer service-wise, but I wouldn’t let this deter you from purchasing (or at least previewing) the Chronos. Customer service aside, this is a solid PC that will make almost any gamer very happy, and it does out-perform most other gaming PCs on the market (plus, it looks a lot better that most other gaming PC options!).