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  • The Sculpt Keyboard: An Excellent Ergonomic Option
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If you type all day long, you'll need a keyboard and mouse combo that can keep up. Standard keyboards don't really do the trick, since they tend to cause all kinds of repetitive movement problems. What you'll want to look for is an ergonomic keyboard. But, where do you start? If you search for a keyboard that won't hurt your hands, you'll find hundreds of available options exist.

You might start with the latest Microsoft ergonomic keyboard designed to make those repeat hand and finger movements easier on your body. This keyboard, called the Sculpt Ergonomic, is just what the doctor (or physical therapist) ordered. Take a look.

Why The Sculpt Keyboard Is Unique

It's all about the design when it comes to the Sculpt keyboard. This keyboard starts out flat on either end, but that's where the similarities between the Sculpt and other keyboards end. The center of this keyboard rises, so that the keys fit the natural curve and shape of your hands.

Interestingly, Microsoft has also added a separate number keyboard that's small in size. Without the addition of numbers on the main keyboard, stretching to reach numbers is no longer needed - plus, the exclusion of numbers makes this keyboard smaller. The keyboard itself is soft and padded, and Microsoft has also added an optional riser bar that can make it simpler to type.


If you're used to a regular flat desktop keyboard, you'll find that the Sculpt definitely comes with a bit of a learning curve. Even though the shape of this keyboard is natural in every manner, it will still take some time to get used to that curved center. What about the mouse that comes with the Sculpt keyboard? Well, that's unique too.

The Sculpt Mouse

From the start, it's simple to see why the Sculpt mouse is different. Microsoft has made the mouse in the shape of a ball, so it is completely circular. If you can imagine putting your hand over a baseball that is actually a mouse, you'll get the idea. This mouse has a nice thumb rest on the side, and the usual scroll button in the middle.

Microsoft has added a shiny plastic to the outside of the mouse that looks and feels nice, but may become sticky for some (especially if your hands are on the sweaty side). This mouse also includes a button that automatically launches the Windows 8 start menu, and one that will move your browser backwards.

Pricing and Where to Buy

Microsoft's new ergonomic Sculpt mouse and keyboard don't come cheap at $106.69. However, this is a great option for anyone that types every day or needs an ergonomic keyboard and mouse option.

Drawbacks: no rechargeable batteries (you'll have to replace these), and a lack of back-lit keys (a nice feature that Microsoft left off).

Where to buy: Microsoft's new Sculpt keyboard and mouse can be found online through various retailers like Amazon or in a number of electronics stores. I recommend checking out this combo in-store before buying, so that you can feel the layout of the new design.