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  • The ViewSonic TD2220 Touch Monitor
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The future is definitely touchable. With the upcoming release of Windows 8, you can expect to see a slew of different touchscreen monitors. Windows 8, it seems, works best with touch. The latest touchscreen monitor to be announced is the ViewSonic TD2220. This touchscreen monitor will be released at the same time as Windows 8, timed purposely. Since you will soon be bombarded with a number of touchscreens, here’s a look at the ViewSonic TD2220.

Two-Point Touch: A Nice Difference Worth Noting

The first thing to know about the ViewSonic TD2220 is that it’s a two-point touchscreen. What does this mean? Basically, you can zoom and pan using two fingers. I’m reminded of the Apple MacBook Pro’s touchpad here. If you pinch the touchpad, you can resize a webpage. The same principle applies to the ViewSonic touchscreen. Touch a page that’s displayed on the screen, and watch as that page changes size. In addition to a two-point touch system, the new ViewSonic includes a whole bunch of extra features.

Ports, Speakers, and Options

ViewSonic has gone with two USB ports with this new LED monitor. You’ll also find a nice two-watt speaker, and a screen that swivels (an important feature when it comes to touch screens). Will the speakers included on this monitor blow the roof off? It’s highly unlikely that you will get a whole lot of sound out of this monitor; but, hey, it’s a monitor. The addition of two USB ports is nice and it’s great that this monitor swivels. But, what’s really catching the eye of many reviewers is that two-point touch feature. The TD2220 also comes in a few different screen sizes.

Screen Size Options

The 23-inch TD2220 comes with an ARM 11 processor. The 27-inch is in a whole different category. If you opt for the big boy, you will receive a 1920 x 1080 resolution in addition to a 3D touchscreen display. In order to make the 3D experience great, the 27-inch TD2220 comes with a pair of NVIDIA glasses (that you can wear while checking out the 3D scene). Now comes the important part: shipping and pricing.

Shipping and Pricing Details Have Arrived

As mentioned above, ViewSonic wants to time the release of the TD2220 with the release of Windows 8. The official release date is the third week of October, which is actually very soon. Price-wise, ViewSonic has finally released some details regarding pricing as well. You can get your hands on ViewSonic’s newest monitor for $330. That’s a high price, but ViewSonic is betting that consumers will go for the whole 3D plus two-point touchscreen thing.

Is this new monitor worth $330? That depends on how much faith you have in touchscreens and in 3D. In this reviewer’s opinion, it will be worth waiting a few weeks to see what else surfaces within the touchscreen world. There’s no doubt that this isn’t the first touchscreen monitor that will ship with Windows 8. What’s listed in this article are all the details that ViewSonic has currently released. To find out more about this monitor, check out the ViewSonic homepage.