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  • Three Amazing Laptops
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Buying a laptop can be a chore. Electronic websites sell hundreds of different models and computer stores tend to confuse shoppers with sales, jargon, and dazzling displays set up to entice and sell. So what’s a shopper like you to do? First, make sure to spend a good amount of time researching. Second, take a look at the following laptops.

Alienware M18X: A Gamer’s Paradise

There’s no doubt that the Alienware M18X is pricey retailing at over $4000, but this laptop isn’t for the casual Internet browser. This laptop comes with more features than most people will ever use, but it is the ultimate laptop to purchase if you’re serous about gaming. Inside of the M18x are Klipsch speakers, two USB 2.0 ports (in addition to an eSATA/USB port, ExpressCard reader, and MMC/SD/MS-Pro slots), HDMI input, all the Alien utilities you’d expect from an Alienware system, and it also comes with a Core i7-2960XM processor (that’s the Extreme Edition, in case you’re wondering).

As far as graphics are concerned, this bad boy is equipped with two Nvidia GeForce GTX 580M graphics cards. Just in case you aren’t familiar with these cards, each one comes with 2GB of video memory (GDDR5). In short, the M18x is one of the sleekest and fastest laptops on the market, but, again, that price tag is a bit high. If you’re looking for something that won’t break the bank, take a gander at what Acer has to offer these days.

The Acer Inspire: A Great Budget Laptop

It’s taken Acer awhile to build a name for itself, but this company really has been making some great products lately. The Acer Inspire retails for just over $340 and it comes with some basic features that will get any browsing job done. The Inspire comes with two USB 2.0 ports, a 320GB hard drive, and a nice and tidy one-year warranty.

The only drawback to this laptop is that Acer does pack it full of pre-installed software out of the box, so you’ll have a McAfee trial, Microsoft Office Starter (not the full version) and various other tidbits like it or not – of course, you can always remove these to reclaim your system. While you won’t be doing any serious gaming or multi-tasking with this laptop, it is a very decent piece of metal for a very low price, which places Acer on the best laptop map.

The Apple MacBook Pro: Better Than Somewhere In the Middle

Apple’s MacBook Pro is legendary and it happens to retail right in the middle of the uber-expensive Alienware M18x and the Acer Inspire at around $1200 (15-inch). Apple has equipped the MacBook Pro with a Core i7 processor, a long-lasting battery, a very sleek design, an Apple’s OSX. The MacBook Pro is a hard-working tool for those who use and abuse their laptops, and this excellent machine doesn’t come with any pre-installed junk.

To decide on the right laptop, work with your budget and consider what you need to accomplish on a regular basis. You can’t go wrong with Alienware if you just want to game, Apple’s MacBook Pro is for those who are serious multi-taskers, and the Acer Inspire is one of the best budget laptops available.