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  • TomTom Is Paying GPS Users to Discover Paradise
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After a year that has been less than stellar for the GPS group, TomTom is attempting to gain consumer attention and confidence once again. How are they going to accomplish this task, you might ask? By offering some very lucky people an all-expenses trip to one very tropical island – but that’s not all. Not only are five chosen people going to head to a tropical island with a few close friends or family members, but TomTom is actually going to pay those people 10,000 Pounds to get in a car and map out those islands for the tracking company.

That’s right, TomTom is paying people to visit a tropical island for two weeks, stay in a luxurious hotel, enjoy the sun and surf, and explore the islands. For this hard work (admit it, spending time on a beach for two weeks is tough!), TomTom will actually fork over a check for 10,000 Pounds – that’s about $15,000 USD. Why in the world is TomTom spending so much money on such a crazy promotion?

Why TomTom Is Spending Lots of Dough

TomTom has many GPS competitors, but few GPS companies have mapped out isolated locations like the islands that TomTom wants to provide consumer maps for. By offering maps of these locations, TomTom will gain an edge on the competition. The company could just send reps to the island to gather information, but why do that when TomTom can just create major media buzz by offering five lucky people a chance to hang out on a tropical island and get paid for it? Plus, hiring five contractors (as it were) to do this work actually means spending less money – after all, few companies will send full-time employees on all expenses paid vacations just to gather up some mapping info!

So, I bet you’re wondering what islands TomTom will be sending people too, right? Well, if you head to the TomTom site (and that’s where you’ll want to sign up too!), you will see that the company wants to explore the Seychelles, Mauritius, St. Lucia, Fiji, and Cape Verde. At the time of this writing, TomTom is looking for people to explore Fiji first. What’s the catch? Well, you have to take the TomTom provided vehicle and go exploring, of course! But, TomTom also wants you to have fun, so you’ll be staying at a great hotel and you’ll have plenty of beach time (don’t worry, it isn’t all work!).

Signing Up and Taking Off

If you go to the TomTom website, you can watch the provided video tutorial that explains all about the competition. To enter the competition, all you have to do is watch the video and fill out a form – make sure to actually watch the video, since you’ll need to answer some questions that were in the video! Once that’s done, TomTom will ask you to share the contest with friends and follow the company on Facebook or Twitter (this is how the competition winners will be announced).

You have as good a chance as anyone else around the globe, so head on over to the TomTom website and sign up for a chance to win two weeks on a tropical island and a whole lot of cash.