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  • Top Digital Photo Frames

Digital frames seem like simple devices. Yet, each digital frame is uniquely different from the next. When selecting a digital frame, look for one that can be placed on a tabletop or wall mounted. Various features including Wi-Fi and remote access will also make using some frames simple. A good digital picture frame can be purchased for $80+.

Kodak EasyShare W102010 -- $80+

The Kodak EasyShare W102010 provides users with clear photographs that are filled with vibrant colors. Kodak has also made this frame Wi-Fi capable, which makes it easier to stream photos. Photos can be viewed through a user’s Flickr account or through the Kodak EasyShare Gallery. Hidden buttons inside of the frame allow users quick access to a multitude of frame features. This frame also comes with music capabilities, though the EasyShare W102010 should not be used solely as a music device due to less than optimal sound. As a picture frame that’s user-friendly and precise, the Kodak EasyShare is a good buy for the price.

HP df820a4 - $100+

For those who want a digital picture frame that looks authentic, the HP df820a4 is the best choice. This frame is surrounded by real wood and comes with a panel of glass that sits over the photo viewing area. While not wireless, this frame does look good on any wall or tabletop. This HP frame has a 7-inch 800X600 pixel display that showcases photographs well. In addition to providing viewers with clear photographs, the df820a4 is also capable of streaming video and playing MP3s. As with any digital photo frame that doubles as an MP3 player, the HP df820a4 does not have excellent sound quality, but that’s a minor drawback. This frame is easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, and worth the price.

Sony S-Frame DPF-D80 -- $130+

The Sony S-Frame is user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Sony offers this frame in white, red, and black in addition to 7, 8, 9, and 10-inch versions. Unlike other digital frames, Sony has also included a handy remote with the S-Frame. This remote allows users to scroll through frame options without actually touch the frame. This innovation alone makes that S-Frame worth the (slightly high) price. Further, the S-Frame makes photo colors stand out while also producing clearly edged photos. Various media cards can be used with this frame (including miniSD, microSD, and CompactFlash cards), and larger images can be showcased on the S-Frame without a hitch. For its versatility and user-friendliness, the Sony S-Frame earns top marks.

SmartParts SPX8WF 8 -- $150+

The SmartParts SPX8WF8 digital picture frame is a great option for consumers who want a customary look. Surrounded by a wooden enclosure, the SmartParts frame looks like an ordinary picture frame. Yet, this digital device also comes with Wi-Fi, 512MB of memory, and some innovative options. SmartParts has made photo sharing easy with the SPXWF8 frame. Friends and family members can simply email photographs directly to this frame, which is a nice added feature. Further, it is also possible to listen to various music files (both MP3 and WMA are supported) with the SmartParts frame. This device also includes a helpful power-save feature that turns the frame off when not in use. While this SmartParts frame is slightly more expensive than other brands, the many additional features that come with this frame make it worth the price.