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  • Top 3 Portrait Monitor Stands
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Computer users with a little extra cash to blow won't hesitate to splurge on a newer, bigger computer monitor. But few think to upgrade their computer monitor stands as well. If you've been using the standard computer monitor stand with little or no range of motion, then there's lots that you've been missing. Namely, the ability to view your monitor in portrait mode. Take a look at some of these higher end computer monitor stands that let you enjoy your monitor more ergonomically.

3M Easy-Adjust Monitor Stand (MS110MB) - $55

The 3M Easy-Adjust Monitor Stand is an advanced computer monitor stand that's designed for maximum viewability and shareability. In addition to swiveling to support portrait view, the 3M Easy-Adjust Monitor Stand can twist, turn and pivot in practically every other direction as well. You can easily adjust the height up or down in a five inch range. You can also tilt 30 degrees forward or backward and swivel it 360 degrees. Adjusting the 3M Easy-Adjust Monitor Stand can be done with a simple touch—except for the height adjustment, there are no screws or latches.

The 3M Easy-Adjust Monitor Stand is ideal for shared workspaces, since it allows you to show your monitor to someone sit next to you, across from you, or over your shoulder with ease. And at just $55, this monitor stand is well worth the price.

Dual Straight Arm Monitor Stand by Tyke Supply - $48

This Dual Straight Arm Monitor Stand from Tyke Supply clamps to your desk and holds two monitors up to 26-inches each. The dual monitor stand extends to accommodate any size monitor. Each monitor can tilted left, right, down and up and can swivel to switch between portrait and landscape mode. This is a great, economical monitor stand if you have a dual monitor setup. It allows you to set up one monitor as portrait and the other as landscape, or swap the orientation on the fly. Although this monitor is from a relatively off-brand, it gets great reviews from Amazon users and it gets the job done.

Visidec Focus Articulated Monitor Arm - $82

The Visidec Focus Articulated Monitor Arm supports monitors up to 24-inches and 17.5 pounds. This one costs a bit more than the monitor stands listed above, but its articulating action is superb. It swivels up to 180 degrees to support portrait or landscape views. Its arm length is an amazing 16.25 inches, meaning you can get up close and personal even if it's clamped way at the back of the desk. It also has an adjustable height, up to 17.25 inches high. To ensure that you have an ideal viewing angle, the monitor also tilts forward or backward up to 70 degrees.


The above three monitor stands are perfect for portrait orientation, depending on your needs. For dual monitor setups, go with the Tyke Supply model. For shared workspaces, the 3M Easy-Adjust works well. In fact, the 3M Easy-Adjust is also a good all around monitor stand for single monitor setups for personal use. The articulating arm can be handy for mounting far away from the keyboard or wherever the user is sitting.