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  • Smarbo: The New Cleaning Robot
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A new Japanese robot is about to take homes by storm. Well, maybe not by storm considering the price of this robot is set to be more than $1000, but the Smarbo is still interesting. Much like its competitor, the Roomba, Smarbo is a vacuuming robot. You can put Smarbo to work inside of your home, and your floors will be clean in no time.

Who needs a robot that can vacuum floors all on its own? Presumably, the same people who have purchased the Roomba. The Smarbo can do everything the Roomba can do, though it does have some additional features. While there may be some user for the Smarbo, this robot is likely to be little more than novelty considering the hefty price tag.

Toshiba’s Foray Into Room Cleaning Robots

Toshiba is the brand behind the Smarbo. Even though Toshiba has not released any real statement about the Smarbo, it’s fair to deduce that the company simply wanted to experiment with something close to the Roomba. The result was the Smarbo, which is really a Roomba with a few more options.

Smarbo comes with 38 different sensors (to make sure that rooms get extra clean), a camera (to spy on the kids or the nanny?), and two CPUs (not much about these CPUS are known at the time). As with the Roomba, the Smarbo can be programmed to clean an entire house. Once finished cleaning, the Smarbo will head back to its recharging base. You can also opt to spot clean any area of your home by activating the “smart mode,” which will command the robot to clean one specific spot.

High Pricing: Good or Bad Idea?

It’s possible that a vacuuming robot priced at more than $1,000 will sell in Japan. This type of robot may even sell in some European countries, but Toshiba may be taking a gamble with marketing the Smarbo in North America. The North American economy has yet to recover fully, which is one reason why the Smarbo may not sell well.

Another reason is that most people who can afford such an expensive robot probably have housekeepers. The best Dyson vacuum on the market isn’t even this expensive. Then again, Smarbo works all by itself, which will, undoubtedly, be the biggest selling point. Still, Toshiba has to consider that the 1k Smarbo will be going against the $200 Roomba. This reviewer isn’t sure that a camera and two CPUs are worth the extra $700.

Smarbo Possibilities

If you’re looking for a novelty gift for a loved one, the Smarbo may be a good idea. Toshiba hasn’t put this robot on the market quiet yet, though you can bet it will hit store shelves in time for the holiday shopping season. The expensive Smarbo may be too much to pay for one person, but you can always get your relatives to pitch in for this creative robot.

After all, some moms, dads, and grandparents may appreciate a robot that can clean all the floors in the house – if only Toshiba would create a robot that could dust, fold laundry, and make dinner. You can find out more about Smarbo on Toshiba’s website.