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  • Toshiba Tecra: Inside the new Laptop Line
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Toshiba has just released the new Tecra laptop line. Not surprisingly, Toshiba is looking to tap into an untapped market: those who spend every waking hour near a laptop (so, basically, the startup crowd). These laptops were built to take a beating, and while they’re not military grade, Toshiba certainly took a number of common laptop problems into account when creating the Tecra line. If you’re in the market for a new laptop and you need one that can withstand all of life’s little spills (quite literally!), the new Tecra line might be just what you need. Here’s a quick peek inside what Toshiba has to offer.

Nearly Indestructible

The Toshiba Tecra laptops are hard to break. Not only do they come with a spill-proof keyboard (coffee drinkers, rejoice!), but they also have a casing that’s been reinforced. You’ll also note the complete design that’s actually shock-absorbent and the hard drive impact sensor – in short, these laptops are really hard to break. Toshiba has come up with a great thing here, since it’s really simple to crack a laptop screen, spill a drink on a keyboard when burning that midnight oil, or fall prey to careless airline luggage handlers. If you travel a lot and you spend too much time staring at a screen, the Tecra laptops are just what the doctor ordered (even if you fall and wind up needing a doctor!).

Weight Size and Other Details

You might think that indestructible laptops like these are also heavy, but Toshiba already thought of the heft issue. Even though the Tecra line is rugged all around, these laptops won’t weigh you down. Each Tecra weighs roughly around 4.5 pounds, which is slightly more than the average laptop, but really not a massive amount of weight. As far as screen size goes, you can purchase both the Tecra R940and R950 with wide 1-inch thick HD 14 or 15.6-inch screens – decent sizes for those who need a screen that’s actually workable.

As any avid laptop user knows, having a backlit keyboard is also vital, and Toshiba has made sure that the Tecra laptops include this basic, yet important, feature. If you have to work in the dark, your laptop will be right there with you. So, what’s inside of these tough and ready laptops?

Inside the Toshiba Tecra Line

All Tecra laptops come with third generation Intel Core processors, 512 GB SSD storage space, 16 GB of memory, and an AMD graphics card. If you happen to purchase a Tecra from Toshiba before August 30, you will also receive a free upgrade to Windows 7 Professional. Top all of this off with the guarantee that you will have free Toshiba account management and tech support for one year if you purchase your Tecra directly from Toshiba, and what you have is a very decent all-around rugged laptop that’s perfect for travel or daily business abuse. The Tecra laptops from Toshiba are currently for sale through the Toshiba site. Toshiba has placed a $599 price tag on these beauties, so any concerns you might have about pricing can be thrown out the window.