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  • How To Trade In Your Old iPhone
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The iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C have arrived. Suddenly, your iPhone 5 isn't looking so hot, and your iPhone 4 is looking even worse. Is there any way to sell or trade your older phone for the newest version? Take a look at these for sale tips.

The Apple Store

Apple is buying back certain iPhones that are in good shape. All you have to do is head to Apple's main page, go through the questions asked (shape, carrier, etc), and then see how much your phone is worth. Typically, you can expect to get at least $90 for your phone (if it's not earlier than an iPhone 4 model).

But, Apple might not give you the best deal.

The eBay Option

The eBay approach is another good way to get rid of your older phone for some cash. eBay is a do it yourself route, so you'll have to set up a page, add a photo, and set a minimum bid. Some people have reported sales in the hundreds through the eBay route. Not into eBay? Check out what uSell has to offer.

The uSell Choice

uSell is a website that lets you sell your cell phone to someone seeking a phone just like yours. The best offer I found on the site was $40 for an iPhone 4, so it's really not the best deal available. You can also check out Craigs List which has an eBay type spin to it.

What about that contract? What can you do with it? Also, what about Canadian phones?

Canadian Trade Ins

If you go to any of the trade in sites listed above, you'll see that you have to select a carrier. Well, if you live in Canada, your carrier might not be an option. That largely means that you'll get less for your phone through these sites. So, what's a Canadian iPhone user to do?

The best option that I've found is the Kijiji, Craigs List, or eBay route. In Canada, it's harder to swap an iPhone. The other way to sell your phone is to visit a social networking group like G+'s 'Cult of Mac.' You may find some buyers in those groups looking for phones like yours. Now, what about that contract?

Ditching Your Contract

You carrier might currently offer you the option to upgrade for a fee. Typically, that fee is high. But, there's good news: if you successfully sell your current iPhone, you can take that cash and use it to pay your ETF (early termination fee). You can't use the cash towards your new phone, but at least you can cover the upgrade cost.

The other thing that you can do is learn to negotiate. If you have the right kinds of skills, you can get a customer representative - no, ask for a member of the "retention team" - to waive those fees. This is had to do, but if you have a credit card and are waiting to pay $300 for that new iPhone on the spot, a rep might find it in her heart to let your fees slide.