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News is the name of the game these days. Every app developer and company that has the means to create a news service is in the process of doing so. Consumers want today’s news yesterday, and nobody wants to wait for the printed paper to hit the front stoop. As nightly news casts become old news to most Internet-savvy folks, more and more news services are popping up. The latest news delivery service is called Trapit.

Trapit uses the same technology as Apple’s (now famous) Siri. The goal of Trapit is to trap any news story that interests you and you alone. By finding out about you, Trapit can come up with all the latest news that you would be interested in. The site is quite simple to use, and I can see why many people will soon visit Trapit regularly. Here’s how it works.

Signing Up for a Trapit Account

When you visit the Trapit website (www.trap.it), you will be asked to sign up for an account using your Twitter or Facebook account. Once connected, Trapit will ask to access all of your personal information in usual social networking connection fashion. After that, Trapit will bring you through a brief tutorial.
Trapit will then ask you to take a look at the site’s featured “traps” (news stories).

These traps include such categories as Entertainment, Sports, Technology, Science…you get the idea. Each category is then separated into very efficient subcategories. For example, when clicking on the “technology” category, you will be given a number of possible traps to choose from. These include such topics as Twitter and Robots (amongst many others). To add a topic to your personalized Trapit file, just click the “add to my traps” button.

Take some time to go through these various categories, and you’ll see that each category is well thought out. Once your traps have been selected and saved, you will be presented with a homepage that consists of new news just for you each day (this news changes regularly).

Trapit gathers news stories from the web, so that you are always in the loop. If you see a story that you want to read later, just add it to your “reading list.” Once you click on an article, you can share this news story with your Facebook and Twitter fans, and you can also save a copy in PDF form or send a copy to an email address.

Content Competition Grows Fierce

Trapit will be in direct competition with many search engines, though Trapit’s founders claim that the site is not a search engine. Instead, Trapit is meant to be a personalized way for you to find the content that you care about. By the time the Trapit stories you read throughout the day hit the newsstands, any news that is printed will be old news. Sadly, print just can’t compete with the Internet.

Trapit is currently unable to personalize content according to your location, which is really the only thing separating local news stations from sites like Trapit. I’m betting that Trapit will vastly improve over the next few months (though the service is already quite a lot of fun). I’d also like to see a smartphone app from Trapit – being able to gain all of your trapped news stories on your phone would be a great way to really keep up to date.