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  • Is the Trendnet TEW Router the Best Available?
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Let's be honest. How often do you think about your router? Maybe it crosses your mind when it stops working. Otherwise, routers just hum merrily along their way allows us to connect our devices without a second thought. But, when a router does breakdown (and they all do, eventually), you'll be faced with some interesting options.

Visiting your local electronics store won't really help. There, you'll see a number of routers that all kind of look the same. Which one do you choose? Do you trust the opinion of the sales person? Or, do you select one of the best routers on the current marketing -- knowing full well which router that is? I'd go with this last option.

The Trendnet TEW

This brings me to the Trendnet TEW-812DRU AC1750 Dual Band router. This router is better than most. It also comes with a $150 (on average) price tag, which is far less than some, inferior, routers out there. What makes the Trendnet so great? It has to do with 802.11ac. This is a 802.11ac enabled router. What the heck does that mean?

802.11ac Explained

Some call it '5G WiFi.' Others stick with the 802.11ac name. No matter what you call it, this next generation of WiFi is ridiculously fast. Do you need to connect this router to devices that are 5G equipped? You do if you want the devices to perform at 5G speeds. But, you can connect older devices to the router, too, and they will perform as they always did. So, why is Trendnet's router a better 5G WiFi option?

Why This Router Stands Out

The Trendnet TEW is easy to set up. That's a really positive thing when it comes to routers. Not only is it simple to set up, it's also reliable. Two good things about this router. The TEW also comes with an internal antennae, and this router doesn't lay flat, it stands. So, the design element is defiantly there too.

On the backend of the TEW, you will find two USB 2.0 ports, one WAN port, four LAN ports, and a WPS button. If you really want to take advantage of the speed of this router, you can purchase a 802.11ac adaptor for a laptop or desktop that will make your device faster when using the TEW router. Right now, adaptors of this type don't really exist for use with tablets and smartphones, but those are sure to come.

What About Drawbacks?

I rarely see routers that are wall-mounted. But, this router doesn't come with a wall-mount option, if that's what you are looking for. Some might consider this a drawback, I consider it insignificant. The other drawback is that the USB performance can be on the slow side. Otherwise, this router is nearly perfect.

It looks good, it's fast, and it's simple to use. Where can you buy the Trendnet TEW router? You can find this one online (at lower prices too), or you can purchase it in some electronics stores. As far as beating the competition, the TEW does it hands down.