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  • Trippy: A Different Kind of Travel Site
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The major problem with most travel sites is – wait, there are a lot of major problems with most travel sites. Aside from spending hours looking for great deals, it’s nearly impossible to sift through traveler recommendations. Sure, some of those recommendations are legitimate, but how do you know which ones to trust?

Instead of banking your whole trip on some perfect stranger (or strangers), a new travel site called Trippy has a better idea. This site connects you to your Facebook, Twitter, and other social network friends, so that everyone you know can help you plan a trip. After viewing the welcome video that Trippy has set up, this reviewer can see why a site like Trippy will quickly take off.

How It Works

The Trippy set up really couldn’t be easier. Once you visit the Tripp site page (http://www.trippy.com), you’ll be asked to enter your proposed destination and your travel dates. You’ll then be asked to sign in with Facebook (you have to have a Facebook account to sign up for Trippy). Once you sign in, Trippy will look for people you know who have traveled to your destination.

Let’s say, for example, that I want to travel to NYC. I’ve selected my destination, added my departure dates, and connected with through Facebook. The site will then ask you what kind of trip you’re planning to take (romantic, food trip…), and ask you to write a small blurb about your upcoming trip (“I’m just testing this site out” or “I want this trip to rock!”).

Trippy will then ask you to select a bunch of hotels and restaurants that you may have in mind, so that your friends can offer opinions (you can skip this part if you have no idea).

You can then send your trip details to a Facebook group that you’ve set up (“Friends” for instance). Your message will be posted on your Facebook account, and any recommendations from friends will pop up on your own Trippy site page (just log into the Trippy site to access the page). Once all of those steps have been completed, all that’s left for you to do is sit back and wait for comments to roll in.

Why It Will Work

You can connect with friends through various social networking sites using Trippy. Since you’re bound to be connected to a lot of friends through sites like Facebook and Twitter already, you’re bound to get a lot of real and personalized responses. The logic behind Trippy is simple enough: people will trust the people they know to recommend places to visit while on vacation.

This isn’t always the case when looking at travel sites that have been reviewed by strangers.
In addition, you’ll probably find some unique spots to visit on your trip that may not be located on any other travel site. If you have lots of friends who love to travel, Trippy is an excellent way to find out where your friends have gone.

You can also use the Trippy smartphone app to upload photos while you’re on your trip, share comments, and connect with those friends who helped you plan your trip. Trippy is an exciting travel site that’s different from all the rest.