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  • You Can Now Pin Posts on Tumblr
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Pinning – a concept not known to the world until just a few years ago. Now, the world has gone pin crazy, or so it seems. If you have pin fever and you just can’t get enough, there’s now a new way to pin photos, advertisements, and other bits to Tumblr. Just yesterday, Tumblr announced a new pinning feature that will allow users to effectively pin anything they want to Tumblr. Genius, you say? Well, that all depends on how you look at it.

For some, the ability to pin a photo or other bit to Tumblr is the greatest thing since Pinterest. For others, being bombarded with pins in news feeds is likened to being surrounded by black flies on the Fourth of July – simply annoying. But, Tumblr, like any other platform out there, has a goal as a company, and that goal is to make money. So, how can Tumblr make money from something as simple as pinning? Well, you will have to pay $5 in order to pin something to your Tumblr account for twenty-four hours.

How Tumblr Pinning Works

Still want to go ahead and pin something to your Tumblr account despite that $5 fee? Well, go for it! Tumblr certainly wants you to start pinning! Here’s how you can make your photo shine when it comes to Tumblr. First, log into your Tumblr account. Then, look for the “Pin” button and pin away. This feature is simple to use and it is already being used by lots of people out there – mostly spammers, however. Here’s the problem with the new Tumblr pinning feature: this feature allows spammers to post lots and lots of photos with links that will show up in your Tumblr feed. Even though Tumblr will require that $5 fee, most spammers tend to have unlimited funds (somehow), and this means that a small fee won’t deter them in the least.

But, there’s a bit of good news for all of you who are afraid that your Tumblr feed will turn into an infomercial: you can effectively remove pins from your feed too. That’s right, if you don’t want to see a pin, just de-select that pin option from your feed (this is easy to do too). I’m betting that some advertisers will still draw a crowd based on those people who actually like following certain stores and brands (just look at Instagram for proof of this). On the flip side, those who decide to cough up five bucks just to annoy you can be ignored. In the end, Tumblr still gets its five dollar due, makes money, looks good as a business on paper, and Tumblr users don’t become so amazingly annoyed and frustrated that they give up on the social network altogether – everybody wins here, right?

A Great Business Move

It’s true that Facebook messed up the social networking IPO for other networks for awhile, but that doesn’t mean that sites like Tumblr don’t want to look good to potential investors. By proving that the company can make money through methods such as charging users for pins, Tumblr also shows investors that the company does have a revenue plan.

Do You Use Tumblr?

If you use Tumblr, will you be checking out the new pin feature? Will you become annoyed at all of those photos and bits of spam or will you just turn it all off? Let me know what you think about Tumblr’s new pinning decision.