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  • Tweetdeck for Mac Gets a Major Overhaul
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Finally, Tweetdeck has upgraded Tweetdeck for Mac. Chrome users were treated to great Tweetdeck updates some time ago, but the company has been slow to include Mac users in these new updates. If you use Tweetdeck and have a Mac, you’ll be happy to know that there are more than 90 different upgrades and fixes to the program. Unfortunately, Tweetdeck still hasn’t included some much-loved features that were present when the company first created its Twitter tracking program.

First, Things That Have Gone Missing

Back when Tweetdeck was first introduced, the program included this handy feature called Column Filters. This filter made it possible to separate tweets into specific columns according to search terms. For some reason, Tweetdeck has not included this feature in the new Tweetdeck for Mac. But, with the bad comes some very good news. Tweetdeck now has many appealing features and options that will please many Mac users.

Now, The Good News

One of the most standout features is the new color scheme option. The Tweetdeck interface used to be somewhat hard to look at with white letters on a black background. Now, Mac users can opt for a white background that features black print – much easier to view. In addition to the new color scheme options, Tweetdeck for Mac now also comes with the popular “Embed This Tweet” option. This feature allows users to easily copy code from any given tweet and paste that code on a blog or other social network.

Another popular feature now included in the Tweetdeck for Mac app is the Typeahead feature. This is an autocorrect feature that’s simple to use and makes finding certain search terms much easier. When using Typeahead, searching for any item in a Twitter feed is simplified. Tweetdeck has also added a PeopleSearch feature that makes looking for specific types of people a cinch. These features have gone over well with the Chrome crowd, so there’s little doubt that Mac users will find the same pleasure in using the new Tweetdeck.

Tweetdeck has also fixed some bugs that were plaguing Mac users. After using the program, it’s clear that the new Tweetdeck for Mac has all its aces in the right places. The new Tweetdeck is easier to use, just as efficient as ever, and includes plenty of excellent features that were once only available to Chrome users. If you happen to have a Mac and have been waiting for a better Tweetdeck to come along, the new Tweetdeck for Mac is currently available for use.

A Long Time Coming

The last time that Tweetdeck updated its Mac program was back in October of 2012. Since then, Mac users have been waiting for a better option. Now that Tweetdeck for Mac has been updated, the company will likely gain back its Mac audience. While the program can still use some improvements, Tweetdeck for Mac is now up to par with Tweetdeck for Chrome. If you happen to be a social media expert and want to show me your chops, feel free to post a comment below – I’d love to read what you think of the new Tweetdeck for Mac!