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  • Twitter's Fabric is for Developers
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Twitter hasn’t held any developer conferences until now. This past week, the social networking company held the first ever developer conference in San Francisco called ‘Flight,’ and more than 1,000 developers showed up for it. Introduced during the conference was the company’s newest program called Fabric, which was designed to help developers create mobile apps.

Fabric’s Purpose

Twitter really wanted to create a service that would assist mobile app developers, but the company doesn’t want to get in the way of that creative process. The Fabric tool will provide developers with things like working out crashes and helping the developers embed the real-time services that Twitter provides. Fabric essentially gives developers the toolbook needed to create apps for the company, but Twitter isn’t getting in the way of that development process.

Amazon, Google, and Facebook all provide similar tools to developers with the same hope: that giving developers such a toolbook will result in more apps for each company. Sometimes, developers find creating apps for one company particularly frustrating, but by leading those people in the right direction and helping them out with things like crashes and glitches (also the integration of company tools), developers are more likely to actually create the apps that a company like Twitter needs to survive.

What Fabric Contains

Fabric will have three different components including:

Crashlytics: as you might have guessed, this part of the tool helps developers determine the root of bugs and to also test new apps.

TwitterKit: this part of Fabric will help developers add Twitter’s real-time information into apps without effort. This will help developers create apps that provide real-time details, which can be useful when it comes to travel apps.

MoPub: this part of Fabric will help developers monetise apps, which is a vital issue when it comes to reasons why developers would consider creating apps for various companies.

Clearly, Twitter thought all of these parts of Fabric through, and developers are respond well to Fabric.

Additional Twitter Announcements

Fabric isn’t the only thing that Twitter announced at the recent San Francisco event. The company is also launching a new service called Digits, which will help people sign up for new apps quickly and in just two steps, which is a lot easier than email signups. Digit will let new app users sign up and then send those users a confirmation via mobile in order to sign up for new apps.

The whole process aims to make signing up for stuff simpler. Twitter has been spending a lot of time working on ways to make developing apps for the company simpler, and on ways to make signing up for those new apps even easier.

Both efforts will hopefully pay off for the company, and so far it looks like things are off to a good start. To find out more about Twitter’s new service, Fabric, or to learn more about what Twitter is doing, make sure to check out the company’s blog. If your dream is to develop more apps for Twitter, now’s the time to jump on board.