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  • Twitter Integrates Periscope
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Twitter promised its users a lot of things when the company purchased Periscope last year. Yet, Twitter didn’t really deliver on those promises.

Periscope videos were available in Twitter feeds, but they showed up as plain URLs, which is kind of archaic in today’s autoplay social feed world. Today all of that changes with Twitter’s new Periscope feed integration.

Now when you look at your Twitter feed, you will see some Periscope videos that people are posting instead of plain URLs. Love the idea or hate it, here’s what Twitter has been up to when it comes to Periscope.

Channeling Instagram

It’s really hard for me not to compare what Twitter is doing with Periscope videos to Instagram feeds that already show videos directly in a user’s feed. Just like with Instagram, the videos will begin to play automatically when you look at your Twitter feed (minus the sound, like Instagram). You’ll see the videos on timelines and in individual Tweets.

Twitter has already updated its iOS with the new Periscope video feeds, and Android is coming later. The overall design of the new Periscope integration was created to look and feel like a complete integration of the two social services, and that’s pretty much what Twitter has accomplished as well.

Bringing People to Periscope

The new Twitter and Periscope integration also brings new Periscope users to the platform. Many Twitter users are not familiar with Periscope yet, so being able to tap on a video that can then lead to Periscope (you have to open up Periscope to actually comment on a video) quickly introduces new Periscope users to the platform. This is a win-win for Twitter, since the company wants to start spreading the news of Periscope outside of the tech-savvy world.

As far as sharing a video that you love, you can simply like or retweet the video much as you would with any other Twitter update. When all is said and done, Twitter has found a good way to spread the news of Periscope and to make using the video app much simpler. Periscope has already taken off in a major way, so this new integration will just make it even more popular.

Periscope’s Popularity

Twitter has not divulged just how many people use Periscope, but the company has stated that it’s somewhere in the 100 million range. Periscope faces direct challenges from Facebook as well. Facebook has long been the king of the social networking atmosphere, and the company does plan to integrate some live feed videos into its own newsfeeds within the next few months (no date has been set yet).

So while Twitter is having a tough time recruiting new Twitter users, the company has Periscope, which might be its saving grace. So far, Periscope has done exceptionally well, and the social world does seem to be moving more towards video and less towards text. You should see the Twitter chances today if you are using iOS. Other changes to come including Android.