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  • The U2 Mobile Recorder Makes Recording Phone Calls Easier
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There are numerous reasons for wanting or needing to record a phone call. If you're conducting an interview, recording that interview is important. Or, you may just want to trap someone into saying something that you need to catch "on tape." But, advancements in recording devices have been few and far between, until now.

Sure, smartphones have recording devices, but have you ever tried to record a conversation using a smartphone? You'll be able to make out one to two words at best! The U2 Mobile Recorder might just be the one thing that makes recording phone calls bearable!

A new device called the U2 Mobile Recorder aims to make recording cellphone calls simpler. This recording device plugs into the top of any cellphone earplug jack, clips on, and is ready to use when you need it. There are still legalities to get around (you have to make sure that you have someone's permission in order to record a conversation), but that's another article.

Using the U2 Mobile Recorder

The U2 Mobile Recorder is really simple to use. After plugging it into an earphone jack, all you have to do is tap the "record" button. Once that's done, the device will start recording your conversation. This device comes with 4 Gigs of storage (non-expandable), which adds up to over 120 minutes of conversation. Just make sure to keep that time limit in mind when conducting an interview!

This recorder also comes with a headphone jack, so you can quickly transcribe any conversation if need be. You'll also find a USB jack, which makes it possible to quickly upload a conversation to any computer or other device. Once charged, the U2 Mobile Recorder can also hold that charge for up to 20 hours, which is a decent amount of time.

The only drawback to the U2 Mobile Recorder is that it does not work with the iPhone 5. Why? Simply because the iPhone 5 doesn't have a standard headphone jack (oh, Apple, that decision to change the iPhone's jacks is going to come back to haunt you!).

Pricing and Availability

This recorder is not on the cheap side at $134. Then again, most decent recorders on the market retail for over $100. When tested, the U2 Mobile Recorder did work well, comes with everything you need to get started, and is really worth the money if you record a lot of conversations.

As mentioned, there are some legalities involved in recording conversations, so make sure you cover those before you clip this recorder onto your cellphone. Those legalities depend on where you reside (some states and countries have different tolerance levels). Otherwise, the U2 Mobile Recorder is a great idea for journalists.

You can purchase your very own U2 Mobile Recorder from Amazon and other online retailers. The recorder is compact and slim in form, but it is noticeable (so you won't be able to get away with recording someone without their permission!). If you conduct a lot of interviews, you need this recorder!