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  • Verizon: Now With Pre-Loaded Antivirus Apps!
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Verizon has just announced that a new antivirus program will come pre-loaded on all Android devices the company sells. This security app combines the likes of McAffee with some serious security protection and recovery services. The goal here is to protect Android users from any virus harm. But, some consumers might not like the idea too much. After all, antivirus programs are often considered bloatware, and not something that’s aimed at increasing efficiency or speed.

What Pre-Loading Means

The new antivirus app will be added to Verizon’s Android app lineups. So, when you start your new Verizon phone, that antivirus program will already be there, kind of like Google Maps or any other pre-loaded app. I’m guessing that you will be able to delete this app if you want to, though Verizon has already had some success selling antivirus packages through Google Play. The Google Play version includes two options (a free option and a premium option). The free option is, well, free and comes with McAffee Antivirus and basic web protection. Should you choose to upgrade (I’m assuming that this will be an option with the pre-loaded version too), for $199 per month you will be able to tack on Asurion recovery features and App-alert (an app that alerts you when your phone has been attacked).

A Gutsy Move For Verizon

Forcing Android users to see and use an app that wouldn’t necessarily be chosen otherwise is a bold move. Yet, it’s not the first carrier that’s worked with a security company (it also won’t be the last). T-Mobile and Sprint also offer consumers deals when it comes to signing up for various antivirus apps. It is, however, the first time a carrier has pre-loaded a security app onto any device. Needless to say, it will be interesting to see whether or not consumers seeking Android devices turn away from Verizon thanks to this app push. Or, if consumers who are worried about mobile security will find Verizon’s attempt to protect the public a good thing.

Since Verizon has just released the pre-loaded app initiative, it’s too early to tell how consumers will react. But, you can be sure that your new Android device purchased through Verizon will come with a pre-loaded security app – whether or not it’s something that you actually want to have. Do you think that Verizon is making a good move here or is this a fatal carrier mistake?

Are you one of the many Android users who is likely to skip over Verizon next time around in order to avoid the pre-loaded app? Let me know in the comments what you think of Verizon’s new pre-loaded initiative. For some, this will certainly be a great reason not to go with Verizon. For others, security in the form of an app that doesn’t have to be downloaded may make sense. I’m just wondering whether or not that compact security app will slow down any given Android phone. After all, security suites aren’t exactly known for improving efficiency.