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  • Want a Facebook Scrapbook? Check Out Walnuts!
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Walnut is another Facebook app – but, wait, this app is different, promise! Well, somewhat different, at least. Walnut allows you to build a handy Facebook scrapbook from all of those memorable posts and pictures. Now, you might be thinking: “wait, aren’t there already a handful of Facebook apps that let users build scrapbooks?” You’re not wrong. There are a few Facebook scrapbook apps that let users create handy scrapbooks out of Facebook posts and photos. However, Walnut comes with a bit of a twist (more on that below).

This app isn’t like all the rest. Not only is Walnut fun to play around with (if you’re into scrapbook and creating scrapbooks and the like), but it’s also easy to use. Within no time, you’ll be building a scrapbook based on all those fond Facebook memories (feel the love). Or, you might decide to build a scrapbook based on someone else’s memories (see below).

The Creepy Factor

Walnut makes it possible to create a Facebook scrapbook from another user’s posts and photos. So, let’s say that you broke up with a boyfriend, but he forgot to take you off of his Facebook friend list. You can direct Walnut to build a nice and neat scrapbook of all his photos and posts, and then send him that scrapbook, if you want to bring out the stalker in you.

The trick here is that you have to be friend with someone in order to create a Facebook scrapbook based on their photos and comments. Sorry folks, you can’t send a scrapbook to someone famous or cyber-stalk someone who won’t add you to their friend list. Of course, creating a scrapbook from someone else’s posts can be an endearing action if that person is someone close to you and you aren’t a stalker.

Using Walnut For Fun

Kidding aside, Walnut could be a great way to give someone a last minute gift. Just think about it. If you’ve missed an anniversary or major holiday, you can create a handy scrapbook in just a few minutes – Walnut will even choose your most popular posts and photos (based on comments) for you, so you don’t have to actually do anything. Or, you can select the posts and photos that you want to put into a scrapbook.

A Walnut scrapbook also makes a great gift if you are attending something like a baby shower (Walnut uses a baby shower as an example). You know that friend who keeps posting pictures of her big belly? Well, why not compile all of those “belly stage” photos into one book, add a few friendly comments, and give that book to her? Walnut allows you to send a digital copy of the scrapbook you create or you can purchase a soft cover medium or large scrapbook for a price ($9.90 and $12.90 respectively). Want a little more polish? Walnut also offers a hard cover copy of the scrapbook you create for $19.90.

Signing up for the Walnut app is free (the usual permissions are required), painless, and quick. If you need a gift fast or you just want to chronicle your social media life, check out the new Walnut Facebook app.