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  • Waterproof Your iPhone
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The iPhone is a great invention. In fact, it might just be one of the greatest inventions to occur throughout the past decade. But, as great as the iPhone is, there are two things you don’t want to do to your iPhone. The first is to drop your iPhone onto a hard surface from very high. The second is to spill liquid (of any kind) on your phone. If either of these two things happens, you can expect to pay for a replacement phone.

While there’s no real cure for a dropped iPhone (other than super-rugged cases that may or may not prevent a screen from cracking), a company called Liquipel (based in Santa Ana, California) has come up with a way to prevent water from damaging your iPhone (investors, take note). While the details are somewhat murky, Forbes has reported that this company has created an iPhone film that can prevent your phone from becoming water-damaged.

How it Works

Liquipel isn’t saying much about the new technology. Presumably, the company wants to get a few smartphone manufacturers on board before letting the general public in on how this technology works (idea thieves are all around, after all). However, the basic premise of Liquipel’s technology includes a nanotech coating. Apparently, and according to an interview conducted by Forbes magazine, once this coating has been placed on an iPhone, the phone can be dropped in water or used in the shower without concern.

Liquipel’s technology is not available to the public yet, as mentioned, but you can send your iPhone to Liquipel. For $59.95, the company will coat your phone with the new Liquipel technology. From there, you can use your phone in the pool, shower, or otherwise – actually, you’ll have to read the fine print on Liquipel’s site to see how much water can cover your phone without causing any damage. While you may not be able to bring your phone deep sea diving with you, some spilt water may no longer cause your phone to short circuit.

A Technology to Keep Your Eye On

It’s tough to say whether or not you’ll see Liquipel’s coating on smartphones in the future, but this reviewer is guessing that this will be the case. After all, a smartphone that comes with some form of water proofing or water resistance is a smartphone that many people will definitely be interesting in purchasing. Far too often, people drop water on their smartphones, and this can cause a number of difficulties (usually, that difficulty includes buying a new phone). Dare I suggest that Apple cover the next iPhone with Liquipel’s coating?

If you want to waterproof your current iPhone (or other smartphone – Liquipel lists a number of devices that can be waterproofed on their site), you can send in your phone to the company to be waterproofed. Right now, you can take advantage of free ground shipping by signing up on the Liquipel site. If you’re nervous about sending away your smartphone, opt for the priority shipping. A waterproof film for your iPhone may be one of the best inventions to date. If you are are worried about dropping water on your iPhone, Liquipel’s technology is definitely worth a look.