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  • WD My Passport Portable Drive Review
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The WD My Passport Portable storage drive is making big waves within the hardware world for one very good reason: this is the first drive ever to offer two terabytes (2 TB) of storage space. Even though the WD My Passport Portable drive has a ton of storage space, this drive is as compact as drives get making it even more desirable. At the time of this writing, 2 TB is the biggest that drives get. Storage aside, the WD My Passport Portable comes with some other details that might be appealing to anyone seeking a portable drive as compact and as impressive as this one.

WD My Passport Portable Storage Drive Details

If you were to open up the WD My Passport Portable drive, you would find a fairly standard 2.5 Gig hard drive, but the story here (as mentioned) is really the 2 TB of storage offered in such a small drive. Just how small is this drive? The WD My Passport Storage Drive measures just 2.5-inches and weights around 0.5 pounds. Not only is this a powerful and superbly compact drive, it also comes with a very simple connectivity option.

The WD My Passport Portable drive includes one USB 3.0 port and it also comes with one single cable (power and data combined). When tested, this drive performed at super high speeds – more specifically, around 18-19 megabytes per second (blazing fast). The outside of the WD My Passport Portable drive is study and virtually crush-proof. This drive also fits very nicely into any larger pocket and could easily be taken on a trip or to a far destination without any problems or damage concerns.

WD My Passport Portable Design and Setup (User-Friendliness)

While the design of an external hard drive isn’t as important as what’s inside the drive, a portable drive that isn’t an eye-sore is always a good thing. The drive itself is small, compact, and covered in a hard shell that is difficult to ding or damage in any manner. This storage drive is also idea for anyone seeking a quick and painless way to store data. Unlike many storage drives available, the WD My Passport Portable drive is very easy to set up and is user-friendly all-around.

Setting up the drive really only means plugging the drive into your existing PC. If you have a MAC, you will have to reformat the drive into HFS+. When plugged to a PC, the WD My Passport Portable drive performed very well and didn’t pose any setup or other problems. A nice added feature (Windows only) is WD backup, which allows you to backup folders and files of any kind, and you can also set this backup feature to automatically backup certain data (very useful).

This drive also comes with WD utilities and WD security (Windows + OS X), so you don’t have to worry about any of those issues popping up. Just one important note regarding the WD security feature: if you happen to turn on this security feature and then later forget your password, there is not way to retrieve password information, so make sure that you back up that password or store is somewhere safe. The WD My Passport Portable drive currently retails for around $299.99, which is an excellent price for such an impressive drive.