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  • The 'Who Deleted Me?' App Lets You Know Who's Your Facebook Friend For Real
Technology Articles > Social Networking > Facebook > The 'Who Deleted Me?' App Lets You Know Who's Your Facebook Friend For Real

Have you ever posted something on Facebook and wondered why you weren’t getting more comments and likes? It could be that a number of the people that you thought were your friends have actually deleted you.

But other than asking (which might sound a bit crazy), there wasn’t really any way to tell who deleted you from their Facebook friend collection. With the help of a new app called ‘Who Deleted Me?’ you can now see who doesn’t think you’re interesting enough to keep around.

Using The ‘Who Deleted Me App’

This app works with iOS, Android, and Chrome extension. When testing the app out via Chrome, I found that the download was simple (Chrome will warn you that the app will access your Facebook details), but the app didn’t work for me. Unfortunately, I got a ‘there was a problem with the Who Deleted Me servers,’ and after several attempts I gave up. But were it to work, the app would access your friend list, and then let you know from that point onward who deleted you from Facebook.

If you want to install the app via iOS or Android, that’s a simple download as well. You can then head to Facebook to see who cut you loose. Presumably, the company is experiencing a number of downloads right now (because people want to know why they are no longer popular), so you may have to wait a day or two to get the app to work properly.

Why You Should Care

Does it really matter if someone deleted you from Facebook? Well, that depends. If you’re running a social media campaign for a company or client, and you want to see what the friend list looks like and who is and isn’t keeping you around, data like this might be vital to the success of your social campaign. On the other hand, obsessing over who is and isn’t keeping you as a Facebook friend probably isn’t the best use of your time (unless you are in high school, maybe).

If someone doesn’t want to be your friend any longer, so be it. But, it’s always interesting to find out who unfriended you (though it’s highly unlikely that you would send that person a message and ask why they unfriended you, right?). Still, this is an app that didn’t exist before though there’s clearly high demand for the service that it provides. Already, the company is seeing a number of downloads from curious Facebook users.

Ways to be More Polite

Unless you really can’t stand someone, there are easier ways to ignore people on Facebook. You can simply stop following a person in order to not see everything that they post, and you can edit your own posts, so that only the people you want to see what you are posting can actually view those images and posts. This way, you aren’t burning any bridges. But if you just don’t want to be associated with a person in any manner, this is understandable too. In that case, remove the person from your friend list.

If you do want to see who has removed you, check out the ‘Who Deleted Me’ app. You’ll quickly see who got rid of you - but asking why that person got rid of you is up to you.