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  • The Wii U: What to Expect
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When the Nintendo Wii first hit store shelves, a crazed sort of gaming revolution began. The Wii was unlike any other gaming system available. But more than that, the Wii was accessible to people of all ages. Now, Nintendo plans to release the newest version of the Wii: the Wii U.

While you can’t get your hands on the Wii U yet (available in 2012) Nintendo has released a fair amount of information about the new console. If you’ve been waiting for the launch of the Wii U, here’s what you can expect.

A Different Kind of Controller

The first thing that stands out is the Wii U’s controller. Nintendo has brushed its handheld “Wii-motes” aside in lieu of a larger controller that closely resembles the iPad. The touchscreen controller can display the same view as a television screen. Alternately, users can opt for a different touchscreen view.

Standard controller buttons also like the sides of the touchscreen. If swiping and sliding isn’t your idea of fun, you can simply press the various buttons in order to control game actions. The size of the controller is something to think about (weighing in at 6.2-inches), though (surprisingly) it is not heavy.

Nintendo put a lot of thought into coming up with a thin and slick controller that is unlike any other device on the gaming market.

Graphics and Console

Nintendo hasn’t revealed every last detail about the new console. However, the company did say that the Wii U would include an HDMI output and 1080p graphics. The graphics available through the new console are going to make the older Wii look like something from the dark ages.

The console itself is, reportedly, larger than the old Wii. Nintendo has replaced the slick Wii shape with a rounder console. It’s hard to say just how round the console is, since Nintendo is largely keeping this part of the new gaming system under wraps. Still, the Wii U console is sure to be fit nicely into any living room space.

Game Changing

Nintendo didn’t create a large touchscreen remote just to stand out. The controller that comes with the Wii U has a direct purpose. When playing some sports games (golf, for example), users can place the controller on the ground in order to view ball placement. Action packed games will also be viewed differently.

Instead of finding vital action game information on the corner of one’s screen, Nintendo has placed all of these details directly on the touchscreen controller. For example, a character’s lifeline or objects collected can be seen on the controller instead of on a TV screen. Other games don’t require a television screen at all. Essentially, the Wii U controller will be an all-in-one device.

Price and Availability

Nintendo hasn’t stated what the proposed price of the new Wii U system will be. Pricing a system of this kind is a tricky thing for Nintendo to do. One the one hand, the company has to keep those who found the original Wii affordable interested.
On the other hand, Nintendo has included a lot of new technology that needs to be justified price-wise. The Nintendo Wii will be available in 2012 throughout North America. At the time of this writing, no pre-sales are available.