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  • Microsoft’s Windows 8 Tablet Keyboard
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There are lots of different tablet keyboards out there, but Microsoft has just come up with a brand new one that you’ll want to consider. Aligning with Microsoft’s recent release of Windows 8, the Microsoft Windows 8 tablet keyboard is both versatile and ready for long-term use. It’s no secret that Microsoft wants Windows 8 to explode popularity-wise, and this tablet keyboard just might make that happen.

This Keyboard Case Has Lots of Cool Features

How many features can be packed into one keyboard? Well, lots. Unlike other tablet keyboards on the market, this one comes with one of the most innovative cases that this reviewer has ever seen. Not only does the plastic case protect the keyboard from any possible scratches and spills, it also acts as a power-on source. Here’s how: if you remove the protective casing from the keyboard, the keyboard turns on. When you replace the casing, the keyboard turns off. The keyboard will not activate until that case has been turned removed -- a great way to save energy.

Another very cool feature of the Windows 8 keyboard is that this keyboard can be folded in order to create a tablet stand. As such, the case makes a very sturdy stand that can hold a tablet quite perfectly, so that you can use your tablet to your heart’s content. Lastly, the Windows 8 keyboard cover can be used to carry a tablet when the cover is placed on the keyboard. Microsoft has designed this cover to include a handy thumb rest, and a tablet can be slid into the protective case cover resulting in a carrying case. The Windows 8 tablet keyboard has all of these features, and we haven’t even gotten to the actual keyboard part yet!

The Actual Keyboard and Future Mouse

The Windows 8 keyboard has been sized perfectly to fit any tablet. From first glances, this keyboard appears to be easy to use, easy on fingers, and really just a great addition to any tablet. Of course, no keyboard set would be complete without a mouse, and Microsoft is, indeed, working on a mouse to go along with this keyboard. The Wedge Touch mouse will use Bluetooth to connect to a tablet (as is the case with the keyboard), and it will come with its own slew of features that have been specifically designed for use with Windows 8.

Pricing and Availability

Microsoft has priced the new Windows 8 keyboard at $79.95, which may seem like a lot for a tablet keyboard. But, you have to remember all of the great features this keyboard includes, and it also pays to think about the amount of time you use your tablet. If you don’t spend hours typing on your tablet, this might not be a good deal for you. However, if you spend hours typing away and wish you had a great stand, carrying case, and keyboard to go with your tablet, there’s no better option on the market right now.
As far as the price of the new mouse goes, Microsoft has told press that The Wedge Touch mouse will retail for $49.95. The keyboard will go on sale in the next month of so (in most areas), and it will be available worldwide by the holiday season.