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  • Things to Look For In Windows 8
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The Windows team has just announced that Windows 8 will be available in just two months. This new OS has been gaining a lot of attention based on speculation, but thanks to new reports from the Windows team, we now know what we can expect from Windows 8. If you’re curious about what the Windows crew has been up to, here are some of the main features that Windows 8 will include.

It Starts With the Windows Store

The Windows Store has gone through some major changes that begin with apps. Both Metro app and Desktop apps can be seen when looking at the Windows Store, which wasn’t an option in the past. Unfortunately, users will still have to purchase desktop apps through a publisher and not through the store. When installing an app, the new Windows Store now includes “Pause” and “Cancel” options that are really useful when it comes to downloading any new app.

The addition of an App Bar is also quite innovative and useful. This Bar allows users to see purchased apps and also includes a simple way to return to the Windows Store home page without much fuss. Lastly, users will find that a slew of new apps have been added to the Windows Store. In addition to some new Windows Store features, some new apps will now be included with Windows 8 right from the start.

New Included Apps

Without downloading or searching, Windows 8 will include the following apps out of the box: Sports, Travel, and News. While these seem like basic apps, they are still useful apps that weren’t included in the old version of Windows – a good move for the Windows team when it comes to keep up with other OS out there.

Got Many Monitors? No Problem!

Another great new feature is the multi-monitor feature that Windows 8 now includes. As the name suggests, this feature allows users to access multiple screens at once, which was also an available Windows 7 feature. What’s new with the Windows 8 multi-screen feature is that users can now view the Taskbar on various screens. In addition, both the Metro and Desktop apps can be moved from screen to screen. Windows 8 will support the use of many monitors, which users who work with more than one screen at once will find very useful.

Lastly, Upgrade Options

Windows wants to make sure that all Windows PCs are updated and running on the new Windows 8 OS. To do this, anyone who purchases a Windows 7 PC between the dates of June 2nd and January 31st, 2013, will be eligible to gain a Windows 8 discount. These people will have the option to purchase Windows 8 for just $14.99. To find out more information about this promotion, make sure to head to the Windows website or check out the newly formed Windows 8 blog. As you can see from these upcoming features, Windows 8 will be an OS to watch when it hits market shelves.