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  • Are Wireless Digital Photo Frames Worth the Price?
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Digital photo frames now come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In addition, most digital frames are loaded with useful features. Then again, it never pays to purchase a frame that’s hard to use or ahead of its time technologically-speaking. The market is bursting with digital photo frames that display everything from the weather to emailed photos.

The trick is to purchase a frame that displays clear photographs above everything else. After all, the purpose of a digital photo frame is to showcase your digital photographs in a pleasing manner. When selecting a frame, consider advantages, disadvantages, price, and (most importantly) features.

Digital Photo Frame Advantages

The main advantage of a digital photo frame is simplicity. Shooting, printing, and framing photos is still a great way to display important memories, but this method is also time-consuming. On the other hand, a digital photo frame displays a number of important photos with minimal effort.

Digital photo frames can also display a number of different photographs at once. Rather than plaster a wall with prints, a digital frame plays a continuous loop of your top photos. Hence, these frames save wall space. As more and more manufacturers create digital frames, these frames become increasingly technical, which may or may not be a good thing.

Digital Photo Frame Disadvantages

As with any type of technology, it’s important to purchase a digital frame that has been tried and tested. Newer frames might include touch-screens and 3D capabilities, but these frames may also come with a slew of unforeseen problems. Newer technology often means new kinks, and these frames should be avoided until all technological quirks have been ironed out.
Ironically, just as digital frames make displaying photos easier, some of these frames are also far from being user-friendly. If you have to fumble around with buttons and options just to display a simple photograph, a digital frame that is overly complex is simply a waste of time. Likewise, purchasing a digital frame for someone who is not technologically advanced will only cause confusion.

The Price Factor

Most digital frames are far more expensive than standard frames unless, of course, you are purchasing a large standard frame that has been hand-crafted from oak. On the other hand, many digital frames are well within reason when it comes to price. The important thing to remember when buying a digital frame is to look for one that has the following qualities:
•\tA large LCD screen
•\tUser-friendly buttons and features
•\tHigh Resolution

Price aside, these features should be at the top of your list. Still, it is important to note that most inexpensive frames have a lower resolution, which may mean grainy and unclear photographs. Testing out a digital photo frame before purchasing any frame is a wise idea. If you cannot see how photographs look when displayed by a digital frame, search for a different frame retailer. Many mid-range digital frames exist that are solidly built and cost-effective.