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If you work in sales, your inbox is probably full all of the time. Salesforce definitely streamlines the sales process -- there's a reason why this program is so popular. Today, Tylr Mobile launched an email program that's meant to be used in conjunction with Salesforce. This program is called WorkinBox, and it organizes your sales emails nicely.

Using WorkinBox

WorkinBox is an email tool, but it's also a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool. This email program includes a number of features like automated email templates (I'll get back to you soon!), and reminders to send emails (so you do get back to that client soon). WorkinBox also lets users delay messages to a later time, so that urgent messages gain the most importance.

This email program is packed to the rim with features that will help any sales person organize an inbox. Since most salespeople spend a large portion of the day responding to messages, a tool like WorkinBox can really help cut back on all the electronic chatter. WorkinBox also includes a native iOS application; iMAP and Salesforce API connections; and a cloud-based platform that can be used to organize the app. Another interesting feature is the ability to highly customize one's inbox.

Organize According to Size

Sales is all about opportunities. With WorkinBox, you can organize email messages according to opportunity size. WorkinBox also lets salespeople update Salesforce files as emails are dealt with. Essentially, this email tool was designed to help companies better utilize CRM systems that barely get any usage.

Being bombarded by hundreds of emails per day can be a time-consuming task, especially when you have to sift through and organize these emails. A program like WorkinBox definitely has its place in the sales world. Helping salespeople to streamline CRM tools in addition to responding to emails, organizing emails, and connecting to a program like Salesforce is something that will get a lot of use.

Costs and Other Details

A program like WorkinBox can't be free, right? At the moment, WorkinBox is in beta mode. If you have a Salesforce account and an iPhone, you can sign up to test out the service. I've scoured the WorkinBox website looking for packages and rates, but I've found nothing that's entirely concrete. Any WorkinBox reps want to weigh in on pricing?

As stated, this app is relatively new, so you'll have to sign up and deal with beta mode for the time being. So far, reviews have been good, and this looks like an excellent app to try out if you are an overwhelmed salesperson.

Comparing Email Apps

Lastly, what sets WorkinBox apart from other email organization apps? Targeting. WorkinBox directly targets salespeople. Competing apps do not target a specific industry, and don't connect with other programs like Salesforce. Tylr Mobile has certainly found a nice niche market.

So far, there are no competing email apps that focus on the sales world. That doesn't mean that some won't pop up soon enough, but, for now, Tylr Mobile has the market cornered.