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  • The WOWee One Bass Speaker
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I’ll admit it. The reason why I wanted to write this review had a lot to do with the name of this speaker: the WOWee One Bass Speaker – fun to say, isn’t it? The speaker is supposed to be fun to use as well. Even better, it’s meant to deliver ideal sound no matter where you place it. Speaking of placing this speaker, the WOWee One Bass Speaker was meant to sit against flat surfaces for optimal sound.

Why would you want to place a speaker against a flat surface? Well, this particular speaker was meant to increase the sound coming from your smartphone -- a novel idea considering that smartphone speakers are often tinny and lackluster. The compact WOWee One Bass Speaker retails for around $90 (at the time of this writing), which may seem high for one speaker that’s the size of your fist. But, the WOWee One Bass Speaker promises to be a great alternative to headphones.

So, How’s the Sound?

No speaker would be worth its weight (however light it may be) or price if the sound isn’t great. Surprisingly, the WOWee One Bass Speaker does generate decent – more than decent – sound. This speaker won’t become the speaker to replace all speakers, but it does present an appealing alternative to any smartphone speaker set. Why would you use a speaker such as this one?

Aside from listening to all the tunes on your smartphone through the WOWee One Bass Speaker, this speaker can be used while traveling. Imagine that you are inside of a hotel room and you want to listen to peaceful music before a big meeting or before you go to sleep. You can simply pop your headphones on your head, but this will limit your movements. Or, you can use the WOWee One Bass Speaker to play any music that you want to hear. I imagine that this speaker will also come in handy when listening to any number of sleep apps too.

Is it Worth the Price?

Should you shell out $90 for a WOWee One Bass Speaker? Well, that depends on how often you listen to your smartphone. If you use your phone as your basic music player, purchasing a separate speaker for your phone might be a good idea. If you hardly ever listen to the music on your phone, you may not want to buy a speaker such as this one.

As far as speakers for smartphones go, the WOWee One Bass Speaker is a good buy. The sound is great, the size of the speaker is compact enough to make traveling easy, and you’ll love the way that this speaker can be placed on any surface. If you want to attach the backend of this speaker (it’s padded with gel) to a wall, you can do this too if you purchase the WOWee hug attachment (sold separately). This attachment would make your WOWee One Bass Speaker truly versatile.


The WOWee One Bass Speaker is available on the WOWee One (yes, that is actually the name of the company!) website, through various online electronics dealers, and possibly at a local electronics store near you. If you happen to have the chance to test out this speaker, give it a whirl. While it won’t become the best speaker that you own, the WOWee One Bass Speaker does live up to its name.