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  • WWE Mobile Apps Take Over
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The WWE has been making a lot of headlines lately. Recently name one of the top stocks to watch by Forbes magazine, this company is more than just wrestling. The WWE has taken a vested interest in apps lately. Clearly, this is one company that’s all about the fans. The new Android and iOS apps that the WWE has created are for serious fans, of which there are thousands. If you love everything about wrestling, you will want to head to your smartphone and start downloading.

Inside the New WWE Apps

Basically, the new apps that the WWE has created are informational. With these apps, fans will be able to watch exclusive video footage, learn about things that might have been overlooked, and really get all the details about everything that’s going on with the WWE. Fans can also get in on live action by participating in live polls that happen during primetime events. For example, fans can now take part in a new WWE poll while watching Monday Night Raw. The WWE has also added additional social media integration, so fans can really jump right into the action.

Currently, the WWE has millions of Facebook and Twitter followers. Developing an app that might increase that following is something that the WWE will definitely benefit from. The company is spreading its app across many different social networks, so that fans who might prefer one network over another can get the most out of this social expansion. Not only is the WWE creating content across a number of social networks, but the company has other video interests in mind too.

YouTube Expansion (and How It Works)

Soon, the WWE will be sending lots of unique and exclusive video footage to YouTube. If you’re a serious WWE fan, you’ll want to head over to YouTube and sign up for WWE video notifications. Then, whenever the WWE posts a new YouTube video, you can find out what’s happening right away. Of course, you’ll be able to share these videos across many social networks, which will only amplify what the WWE is attempting to do socially.

Devices the New Apps Work On

If you love the idea of new WWE apps, you can find these apps in the App Store (iOS). The apps will be available for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. If you don’t have an iOS device, you will have to purchase the Samsung Galaxy SIII. This is the only Android device that is compatible with the new apps for the time being. Whether or not the WWE plans on spreading these new apps to various other Android devices has yet to be seen or mentioned.

As far as app pricing goes, the new app pricing varies. Some apps (like the basic WWE app) is free while others (like WWE Legends) will set you back $1-$2. I suggest scanning the app reviews prior to downloading, just so you know what you’re buying. Then again, if you are the world’s biggest WWE fan, does it really matter what kind of content you get? The point here is that the WWE knows how to connect with its fans, and that connection is happening through social integration and app creation.