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  • All You Need to Know About the Xbox One!
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Yesterday was a big day in the gaming world. Microsoft unveiled its long anticipated Xbox One. The newest gaming console from Microsoft appears to do many things. Voice control, gesture control, and a complete home living room package are what Microsoft have in store. But, the company will be facing some tough competition when the new console rolls out at the end of the year.

Sony is also set to introduce the new PlayStation 4 around that time too. What does Microsoft have the the new PS4 won't? Why should you go with the One? And, what is all the fuss about? Here are the details of yesterday's Microsoft One press conference.

Voice, Gesture, and More

Presse confГ©rences can be magical things. Steve Jobs was a master of turning a regular conference into something mystical. Microsoft seems to be taking some cues from Jobs. The Xbox One was revealed in a kind of magical manner.

The presenter stood next to the box and asked it to switch from game mode to TV mode, and the box responded. He then asked the One to switch to the channel ESPN, and the box changed channels.

Voice isn't all that the One can boast, though. The presenter also grabbed at the thin air, and the One followed his movements. A true magic show. Of course, gaming was part of this show too -- the One is, after all, a gaming console first and foremost.

On the Gaming Front

Gamers will be able to purchase games directly form the console, download, and play a game in minutes. Kind of like ordering a show or movie from Apple TV. The One is powered by an 8-core x86 CPU, which just so happens to be the same thing powering the upcoming PS4. The One has 8GB of RAM, 5,000GB HDD storage, and a Blu-ray optical drive.

Why Blu-ray? Even though you can download games from the One, most games are large in size. So, Blu-ray is still the best way to deliver games. So far, the One compares directly to the PS4, though neither Microsoft or Sony have released all pertinent details quite yet.

Who Will Get the Most Use Out of the One

Previously, Xbox consoles were really for serious gamers. Microsoft and Sony have always shared the gamer glory, while consoles like the Wii were seen as a more juvenile way to play games (better for families and the like). However, the Xbox is unique this time around. Microsoft created this console to replace whatever entertainment system you already have, so it's really targeted at just about everyone. You can read more about this targeting here.

Microsoft claims that the One will be released by the end of this year. Sony will also be debuting the PS4 at that time. The newest Wii is already on the market. As far as price goes, Microsoft hasn't released this information yet -- though a UK retailer is listing the price at 399 Euros (around $517 USD). Whether or not this is true remains to be seen. A release date has also been leaked (November), but this is just a rumour too.