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  • The Xiaomi Yi Action Cam is Fun and Interesting
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The Xiaomi Yi Action Cam catches attention quickly. With it’s toy-like design that seems to be inspired by various Anime films, this camera says fun just based on its looks. This camera comes in a white in addition to its teal and green-yellow color, but why would you choose the white version when the colored one is so much fun?

Aside from the stellar looks of this action camera, the Xiaomi Yi Action Camera has a lot of other things going for it.

Inside The Eye-Catching Yi Cam

What you’ll get on the inside is just as impressive as what you see on the outside. Inside is a 16-megapixel Sony CMOS sensor (backside-illuminated), an Ambarella A7LS system, a Broadcom wireless module, and a f2.8 wide-angle lens that comes with a nice 155-degree view angle. So what does all of this mean if you’re just interested in knowing how well you can shoot images with the Yi Cam?

What you’ll be able to do with this action cam is shoot in 1080p, 760p, or 480p, or 960p. Photos can be snapped with resolution reaching up to 16-megapixels. VGA video options let you share video easily via social networks as well. If you’re into selfies or videos of yourself, a timer can also be set to capture those still or action frames. All of this is packed inside of that adorable little frame - but there are a few caveats.

Some Drawbacks

Since the Yi Cam was made (and is predominantly sold in) for the Chinese market, all of the language used as far as functions and directions go is written in Chinese. So, you will either have to read Chinese fairly well or get used to the basic commands that are written in Chinese. There is no English version of this camera. While mostly sold in China as well, you can buy the Yi Cam from various online retailers in the US and in other spots in North America.

The other possible drawback here is the price of the Yi Cam. This camera retails for 399 Yuan, which roughly converts to around $65. If you can find it for that price, you’ll do well. Most online retailers that are selling the Yi Cam in North America are selling it for much more though, and the best price you’ll find is around $100 (unless you get lucky and hit a sale). Even though the Yi Cam was developed for a Chinese market, the camera is still quite popular in North America hence the higher price and rare availability.


Aside from the fact that this camera operates based on the Chinese language, you’ll find three simple buttons are available. One for power/switching modes (still or video); a left side button for turning the wireless options on and off; and one shutter release button that stops and starts recordings.

The buttons included are simple enough to understand even if they are written in Chinese, and you don’t read Chinese. You also get a Micro-USB and Micro-HDMI port. As far as charging this camera goes, a Micro-USB cable and removable battery are included with the camera. You can also add a storage card up to 128GB.

All of this is included in a nice little action camera that’s nice to look at and fun to use. If you want something that’s quick and versatile, this isn’t a bad buy at all - even if you don’t read Chinese.