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  • Zelda 3DS Is On Its Way
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Some video games will be remembered for all eternity (so it seems). Many believe that Angry Birds will never be forgotten, and few have forgotten the origins of the legendary game Zelda. Zelda brought players into a mystical world full of adventures and quests, and (it’s safe to say) many people spent hours of their lives living in this magical world. If you’re a true Zelda fan (or if you have a Zelda fan on your holiday shopping list), you can purchase a limited edition Zelda 3DS.

Rumors of the Zelda 3DS have been circulating for some time now, though the handheld was only available in Japan. The sought-after handheld is now coming to the United States, and you should be able to purchase this game shortly. Where? How much? What does this console look like? Find answers to your burning Zelda 3DS questions (and lots more, promise!) below.


The first thing you’re probably wondering is where can you purchase the Zelda 3DS. It should come as no surprise that the electronics giant Best Buy will be stocking store shelves with this 3DS. In addition, word has it that Game Stop will also be stocking this handheld. If you know of other stores that might be selling this limited edition 3DS, please let me know. Right now, Game Stop and Best Buy are the only two stores on the radar.

Why So Awesome?

So, why should you rush out and buy a Zelda 3DS if you are a Zelda fan? Remember those telltale scrolls and gold on black lettering? This 3DS is all decked-out Zelda-style. You’ll find that the case is covered in a nice gold on black motif, and those memorable harps are nestled into all four corners of this 3DS. Aside from the gorgeous styling of this handheld, the system is all that you might expect from Nintendo.

If you’re wondering how much the Zelda 3DS might set you back (and if it’s a gift worth considering this year), you will be happy to know that Nintendo has priced this console very reasonably. For just $199 (through Best Buy), this handheld can be yours. The price might be a bit high for a casual holiday gift, but it is an ideal price for that “big” gift.

Ready When You Are

The Zelda 3DS is currently available through Best Buy. After double-checking with the retailer, I’ve discovered that this item is currently on store shelves. There’s no doubt that this 3DS will soon fly off of those shelves, so I suggest you put in your order for the new system right now. Otherwise, you may have to wait until after the holiday season.

The console is also available through Game Stop stores right now. Again, this system won’t last for long, so make sure to snag yours while it’s still available. If you know someone who loves the 3DS and can’t get enough of Zelda, your holiday shopping will officially be over if you purchase this 3DS wonder.