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  • The Zuta Printer is Mobile and Perfect
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Printers are bothersome. Unless you work in an office that has some kind of monster printer setup, buying and setting up a printer at home means purchasing something that’s going to be large, sit on your desk, and take up too much space - especially if you rarely print anything, which most of us today don’t. Enter the Zuta mobile printer.

A printer you will actually like, and will get you out of those jams when you have to run down to the nearest Office Depot in order to print one page.

Zuta’s Portability

The first thing that you will notice about the Zuta printer is that it’s small. Really small. So small you can carry it in one hand. Gone are the days of the bulky printer that nobody wants but everyone has somewhere. You can completely get rid of that printer, give it away, donate it, or just toss it. Do something with it because you won’t be needing it after you start using the Zuta.

Not only is the Zuta small and ready whenever you are, it also connects via WiFi, and it works with absolutely any phone, computer, laptop, or tablet that you have. So, you don’t have to buy a separate printer to work with the device that you have in mind. To print, you just have to insert a piece of paper into the Zuta, and use the Zuta app to print. After a few minutes (granted, it’s not fast), you’ll have your printed piece.

The One Drawback

The Zuta printer uses a Zuta ink cartridge, and that can be a pain when it comes to trying to figure out where to buy the ink, and when to order more before you run out. That said, Zuta has told press that the company is trying to work on a different ink solution, so that you can eventually use any kind of ink (or some kinds) that you find in an office store. Once that problem is solved, it will be hard to find any real reason why the Zuta shouldn’t be in everyone’s office.

Where to Get One

The Zuta printer was originally called the ‘Pocket Printer’ via a Kickstarter campaign, but the larger device name has been dropped for the smaller and simpler ‘Zuta’ now. It’s still the same printer, though, and it’s still just as great. Since the company has reached its Kickstarter goal, it’s more than clear that consumers want this printer as much as Zuta wants to make it.

Pricing and Details

The Zuta printer is currently available on pre-order through the Kickstarter site for $199. Once the printer is released to bigger markets, that price will skyrocket to $250. You can buy the ink through the Zuta site too, so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding the ink right now (and, as mentioned, the company aims to make ink more available in the future without adjusting the device). If you are looking for a mobile printer option (and why wouldn’t you be?) that can take care of the occasional printing job, the Zuta printer is, in this reviewer’s opinion, a great buy.