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Organization is a skill that few people really possess. Being organized means keeping everything in order from your checkbook to the medications that your cat is taking. How often do you think about all of those small details that are a part of your life? If you’re like most people, you wouldn’t be able to tell an emergency room doctor when blood type your husband is or when your last medical checkup was. These things are things that we don’t think about until we need to, and often it’s too late when we finally come up with the right answers.

This is why AboutOne was created. AboutOne is a management tool that coordinates with your home computer, your current calendar or agenda program, and your smartphone. The goal of this site is to allow you to input as much information about your daily life (from birthdays to medications to decorating) as you need to, so that all of these details will be available when you need them. In many ways, AboutOne is an impressive tool that will save lots of people time and even money.

How AboutOne Works

When you visit the AboutOne website, I recommend that you go through the tutorial video. This video will give you some idea of how the sites works, though I did find it to be somewhat lacking. No matter, I’ll walk you through the set-up steps, so that you can find out how this site really works. First, you’ll need to provide AboutOne with your membership selection. You can choose to purchase an AboutOne membership for $30 per year or you can select the Free 17-day membership options (free options are always recommended, so that you can see how a program really works prior to purchase).

Once selected, you will have to fill in some basic information about yourself (name, password…), and let the site know that you are not a robot by completing the letter code. Make sure to uncheck the “send me newsletters” button (unless you want a newsletter) prior to hitting that enter key! Once that’s done, you can select the “Help Me Get Started” button, and the site will bring you through all of the necessary steps. This portion of the AboutOne tutorial is really simple and explained very well, so I’ll stop here. You can choose to enter as much or as little information as you want to, but it’s best to enter as much as you can.

Why Use This Site?

Not only is AboutOne easy to use, but it’s also a great way to keep track of, well, everything. You can enter details about your family members, medications, home renovations, track receipts, and do many other things by using this site. The AboutOne home page tutorial video even states that you can send out invitations just by using the AboutOne service (I have yet to test this option). If you have a hard time staying organized, this is a great website to use. Keep in mind that you can also connect your smartphone to AboutOne, and any information you enter into your phone will show up on your computer as well (cloud).

AboutOne was developed by a mother of four who wanted a better way to keep track of her family and her family’s needs. This goal has been attained, and mothers all around the world will get a lot of use out of this program.