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  • Who Funded That Campaign Commercial? Ad Hawk Lets You Know.
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Shazam tells you who’s singing that catchy song. Ad Hawk tells you who sponsored the political commercial you’re watching. Not only is Ad Hawk helpful, it’s also a necessary app in today’s mud-slinging world. All too often, Americans are duped by seemingly harmless ads. Ads for, you know, the safety of something like sugar that is sponsored by the sugar industry. You may have your suspicions about various political ads, and Ad Hawk confirms those suspicions.

In addition to letting you know who sponsored a particular ad, Ad Hawk also tells you specific details about that sponsor. So, if you want to know what kind of multi-billion dollar corporation is behind a candidate’s push to eliminate corporate taxes, all of these details will pop up on your smartphone. Are you ready to be an informed voter? Take a look at what Ad Hawk can do for you.

Using Ad Hawk

The first thought that might come to your mind may be: “okay, but who’s behind Ad Hawk?” If the developers of this app aren’t actually unbiased, it might be hard to trust the information that the app details, right? Well, the Sunlight Foundation, a nice and tidy non-profit organization with a clean record, developed Ad Hawk. The Sunlight Foundation’s mission is to “make government accountable and transparent.” In other words, the Sunlight Foundation wants you to know who you’re voting for, and who’s behind that candidate.

Political candidates are only as good as the people and companies that fund their campaigns. If a company or person who has views that oppose your own funds a campaign heavily, this individual may impact a leader’s decision once that person has been elected. So, as you can see, it’s a really good idea to know the whole story behind any political candidate and that person’s campaign dollars.

After downloading Ad Hawk (free), the app itself is self-explanatory. You simply click on the “identify this ad” button whenever you see a political advertisement. The app will then listen to the advertisement and let you know who funded the ad. Along with the name of the founder, Ad Hawk will provide details like how much a group has spent on a campaign, what the size of a founding business or group is, and other important financial figures.

Ad Hawk identifies each political ad through geographical location data. As soon as the ad identifies where you are located, a list of the ads that have been developed for your area will be run through each time you hit that “identify this ad” button. Since this information is pre-published, it’s fairly easy for Ad Hawk to gain those pertinent details.


Ad Hawk is currently available for both iOS and Android users. If you happen to live in the United States or have access to U.S. programming, Ad Hawk will provide detailed funding insight. The app downloads without any issues, doesn’t ask for private data, and doesn’t come with any real hang-ups. The only thing this app does come with is a great deal of information about who you’re really voting for.