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  • Angry Birds Head To: Space!
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After conquering jungles and Halloween-themed spaces, your favorite little birds (and pigs, perhaps) are about to enter a new frontier: space. Rovio has just put up a new Angry Birds Space teaser (you can check it out on the Angry Birds webpage) that looks both fun and promising. In true Rovio style, the company hasn’t released many details about the upcoming Angry Birds Space edition, but that’s precisely why Angry Birds is so loved around the world, right?

Speculations About Space

What will the Angry Birds Space game look like? What will the game sound like? Will pigs be present? None of these things are particularly clear at the moment, though you can expect the Angry Birds Space game to be every bit as popular as the last few Angry Birds games. After all, Angry Birds Rio was a gigantic hit even though Rovio released few details prior to the actual movie or game.

While this reviewer would love to know more about the new Space game, Rovio is great at building suspense and generating rumors. If you check out the video posted on the Angry Birds site, you’ll see that the famed little red bird looks a lot more intense (demonic, perhaps?) and that Rovio has cleverly played upon those famous space words (you know, the ones that were muttered when man first walked on the moon?). Rovio is a clever company looking to make the most out of the world’s most popular mobile game – no other game has touched Angry Birds in mobile gaming popularity (yet).

Learning From Rovio

If you happen to be a developer (or just someone who’s intensely interested in mobile gaming), Rovio is a great company to watch. It’s hard to think of any other company (with the exception of Apple, perhaps) that has played its marketing hand so well. Rovio had a smash hit with Angry Birds, and the company has been making intelligent marketing moves every since. From teaming up with 20th Century Fox to put out Rio to support all kinds of fans (even the pirating sort), Rovio knows how to make a good thing last as long as possible.

From now until the end of March, you can count on a number of small details being released by Rovio. Some speculate that the famed birds will be fighting aliens while others expect those evil pigs to be dressed in space suits. There’s bound to be a space-themed background and, possibly, some birds exiting spacecraft in order to kill whatever evil lurks in their way. If Rovio releases information about the new Space game in true Rovio fashion, you might not be able to find out more about this game until the game actually hits a mobile phone near you.

Want more Angry Birds Space details? You’ll have to wait until Rovio decides to divulge the rest of the Space plan. For now, you can check out the video, keeping checking this site for updates (and for a complete review when the game finally arrives), and you can look forward to March 22nd –that’s the date that Rovi has set for the release of Angry Birds Space.