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  • Apple's AirPod Headphones Are Finally for Sale
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Apple’s wireless AirPod headphones are now available through the Apple store and other retailers where available. The wireless headphones come two months after Apple announced the product. This delay has caused some trouble for Apple where the headphones are concerned.

The reason for the delay is unknown. Apple has not commented on the headphone stall at this time. Just in case you don’t recall what the AirPod headphones are all about (it was a few months ago, after all), here’s what you might want to know about the wireless AirPods.

Apple’s AirPod Headphones

Apple claims that the AirPods last longer than other wireless headphones on account of the W1 chip. The chip is supposed to take less energy from the pods allowing them to last for a longer period of time while also providing quality audio. The headphones are supposed to last for five hours on one charge.

Additionally, the carrying case that the headphones come in can also charge the headphones, which brings the total battery life to around twenty-four hours. The Pods are also supposed to come with Siri integration. Another fun feature is that the Pods stop and start intuitively thanks to some sensors. The launch delay is being seen as a rare slip-up for Apple.

A Big Mistake

Apple had aimed to launch the AirPod headphones directly before the holiday season in order to capture the holiday shopping crowd. However, the company’s recent delay has caused some shoppers to forget about the pods completely.

Now that it’s mid-December, shoppers are less likely to spend hundreds of dollars on headphones. Psychologically, shoppers are more likely to spend a lot of money on holiday gifts earlier in the season.


The cost of the AirPod headphones might put some people off. Even though they are wireless and do include perks like Siri integration, the $159 price tag is on the high side. Then again, if you want wireless headphones that are specially designed for your Apple products, the AirPods are the way to go.

What to Look for In Wireless

If you don’t want the Apple AirPods, what should you look for when shopping for wireless headphones? The number one thing that really matters the most is the battery life. It’s not fun to charge headphones every few hours. Look for wireless headphone options that can least at least six hours on one charge (of course, you have to close the headphones after each use, so that the one charge does last as long as it should).

The other thing to look for is sound quality. It can be tough to really know how headphones sound without testing them first, so make sure to read reviews. You may also want to look for wireless options that have noise cancelling features, and headphones that don’t come with too many buttons and controls are also useful.

As far as price is concerned, the more you pay, the better your wireless headphones will probably be. That’s usually how headphones work. Stick with the brands that are well reviewed and shop around for the best price - or just go with the ones that Apple has created just for Apple products.