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  • Apple XCode

Creating applications for Mac, iPhone, and iPad can be tricky. Not only is Apple notoriously picky when it comes to what does and what doesn’t pass the Apple test, it’s not all that easy to design code for iOS apps. That’s where Apple XCode comes into play. This program was developed to help app developers create excellent iOS apps. With a clean interface and overall ease of use, Apple XCode does all its meant to do – and this program will help you design those iOS apps in no time. Here’s what you can expect from Apple XCode if you are shopping for an iOS app design program.

Apple XCode Interface

Few programs allow developers to code, debug, and design all within the same program, let alone the same window. Previous versions of Apple’s XCode were much more complex, since users had to take advantage of an interface builder and all kinds of other separate tools in order to accomplish basic tasks. Now that Apple has acquired NeXt, XCode looks a lot different.

The new Apple XCode interface has been designed, so that you don’t have to switch back and forth from window to window just to create a complete app. Setting up different projects is a matter of using alternating tabs instead of balancing numerous windows at once. Additionally, XCode will actually comb over your code for you and fix any logic, syntax, or other coding mistakes (this, in turn, will save you a good amount of time). Users who have never created code for iOS before will find the features included in XCode very helpful and the auto-correct feature especially helpful.

It is possible that with all of the consolidation Apple has done with XCode that some developers might find the one window interface cluttered. However, not having to switch back and forth between windows certainly seems like a bonus. If you previously used an older version of XCode and are still working on a project, you might want to hold off on that upgrade. It’s not possible to transition existing code into the new program, so this might be a bit of a pain depending on where you are with your iOS programming.


There’s no doubt that it will take awhile to get used to the new XCode. You will have to fiddle around with the new program in order to ensure that your code is properly administered. If you are in a time crunch and don’t have hours to play with the new XCode, you might want to stay with an older version. On the flip side, the new XCode does offer developers a ton of additional features and the new consolidated interface (some things to consider). If you’ve never created code for an iOS application before, this reviewer believes that the newer version of XCode will be easier to navigate than any older versions.

However, if you’re used to using an older program, this version of XCode might prove difficult to use, though this is to be expected with any updated program that comes with a slight learning curve. XCode can be purchased through Apple for around $30.