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  • Apply Mate Makes Finding Work Easier
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When looking for a job, it’s easy to apply to hundreds of different jobs per day. Somewhere between sending out resumes and responding to emails, it’s easy to lose track. Writing down which jobs you have already applied for is a good idea, but even this can become confusing. That’s where Apply Mate comes into play.

Apply Mate is a website application that keeps track of the jobs you applied for. Instead of wondering whether or not you’ve applied for the same job twice, you can enter job application information into Apply Mate, and the jobs that you have submitted a resume for will be entered into your personal database.

Why You Need It

Apply Mate is the ultimate web application for job seekers. Not only does this application keep track of your job submission information, it also includes many handy features. You can personalize Apply Mate to alert you when an interview is approaching or when you should send a follow up email.

There’s also room within the application to enter a company’s contact information, the status of your application, and other pertinent details. In short, Apply Mate keeps track of everything that’s important about the entire job application process. You can live without Apply Mate, but why would you?

Simple to Use

Apply Mate is also easy to use. The application comes with a straightforward interface that doesn’t require hours of contemplation or deep thought. You won’t even have to view the help guide once you’ve taken a moment to look at the handy tutorial video posted on the Apply Mate website.

This application was made for job seekers, but there are other reasons why you’d want to use this tool as well. College applicants will find Apply Mate useful as will any student who’s applying to a special program or other type of school. Instead of creating a complex database with application information, Apply Mate makes applying for nearly anything simple.

Pricing and Where to Find Apply Mate

As with most great programs, Apply Mate is free for all to use. This application is relatively new, which may be why it is a free application at the time of this writing. However, it is doubtful that Apply Mate will become a paid application anytime soon (unless some major job application site acquires it).

You can find out more about Apply Mate by visiting the company’s website. You can also view the helpful tutorial video directly on the site. The only real drawback to this application is that you have to enter all information into the app manually. This can be time consuming if you apply to many different jobs throughout the course of one day.

Although, there’s really no other way to keep track of job applications, even if you are using a spreadsheet or other means of noting which jobs you have and haven’t applied to. Either way, making sure that you don’t send your resume to the same employer twice is a good way to avoid losing a possible job.