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  • Like Retro? You'll Love the Bang and Olufsen Beolit 15.
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It’s rare that Bang and Olufsen makes something that misses the mark. The company’s latest Bluetooth speaker, the Beolit 15 is no exception. Unlike its predecessor, the Beolit 15 is reasonably priced at $599 (well, if you have $599 to spend on a Bluetooth speaker, that is), and it looks every bit the part of a designer speaker made by a high-end audio company. Love the sound of the Beolit 15? Here’s more.

The Design

It’s tough not to compare the Beolit 15 to a lunchbox, and that’s what ever other tech reviewer is comparing this speaker to as well. The Beolit 15 does look like a lunchbox, but I’m going to go a bit further to say that it looks like a retro lunchbox. The kind of lunchbox you might have found on a beach in 1963 or earlier. It could also resemble a makeup box, but either way it’s definitely box shaped, and it has a leather strap, which makes the whole thing more lunchbox-esque.

The sides of the speaker are made from a mesh material, and the speaker comes in various colors. You could easily place this speaker on a counter, and nobody would realize what it was until the sound started blasting from it. This speaker would also be directly at home in any kind of retro decor. If you’re into style and sound, it’s hard to pass up what Bang and Olufsen have on offer in general, and the Beolit 15 definitely makes a style statement. But, what about sound and those other vital speaker details?

Sound Quality

Since this company has a reputation to uphold, it’s rare that you’ll buy anything from Bang and Olufsen that doesn’t sound amazing. The Beolit 15 does live up to the company’s reputation nicely, and you can expect almost the same sound as the earlier version of this speaker, the Beolit 12 (the nearly $800 version). That said, you do have to keep in mind that this is a Bluetooth speaker, so the sound isn’t going to be as strong as the sound coming from a retro Telefunken, or other sound system.

If you’re into real and raw sound, Bluetooth probably isn’t what you’ll want to buy. If you just want something that you can use to play your tunes through Airplay, this is a great option (albeit an expensive one). This speaker does come with a decent battery life offering 24 hours of playtime before it needs a charge. This speaker also comes with all the ports you’d want including USB, though it is AirPlay capable. If you want a speaker that is compatible with most of your devices, looks great, has excellent sound, and has a good battery life, check out the Bang and Olufsen Beolit 12.

Where to Get It

You can scoop up the Beolit 12 through the Bang and Olufsen website, or at any retailer that sells Bang and Olufsen products. You’ll be happy with this speaker if you’re into design, and you want something that can connect to all of your devices. If you’re looking for a killer sound system that has great retro sound, this isn’t it.