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  • Best Wireless Headphones
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Decent wireless headphones used to be something of a fantasy. While wireless headphones have existed for many years, most of these headphones could barely compare to their wired counterparts. Presently, there are a few wireless headphones available that produce quality sound for around $ 100+.

Sennheiser RS130 -- $98+

Sennheiser’s wireless RS130 headphones are one of the best wireless options available. These circumaural (surrounding the entire ear) headphones are comfortable, relatively lightweight, and they also produce admirable sound. Users will also appreciate the built-in sound controls that Sennheiser has included with this headset. These headphones are also rechargeable, and they do come with a charging base. As with most wireless headphones, the RS130s produce a slight hissing sound on occasion.

Pioneer SE-DIR800C -- $230+

Pioneer has been in the wireless headphone market for some time now. As the years progress, so do Pioneer’s wireless headphones options. The SE-DIR800C headphones are an infrared wireless option with various user modes. Some of these modes include Pro Logic II, Dolby Digital, and DTS. Similar to most other headphones, the SE-DIR800C headphones come with a rechargeable base, only this base can also be used with wired Pioneer headphones. When it comes to wireless options, the Pioneer SE-DIR800C headphones are difficult to beat. The one major drawback to this set is the price tag.

Sennheiser RS120$59+

The Sennheiser RS120 headphones come with all the usual Sennheiser perks (built-in volume, transmitter/charger base, great sound), but these headphones are also lightweight. As compared to pricier models, the RS120 headphones are a good bargain. Users will receive crystal clear sound in most instances (slight hissing sounds do occur occasionally) in addition to a set of headphones that are easy to wear in almost every situation. These Sennheiser’s easily compare to wired headphones.

Sony MDR-DS4000 -- $499+

While expensive, Sony’s MDR-DS4000 infrared wireless headphones produce a clean sound that rivals some pricier wireless headphone options. These headphones include a charging station (base), and Dolby of DTS surround modes. Users will enjoy a hiss-free listening session every time the MDR-DS4000s are used. The one drawback to these headphones is the bass sound that this set produces. While not ideal for listening to tunes that include a lot of bass, these headphones are perfect for listening to most other types of music.

Sennheiser RS 160 -- $200+

Once again, Sennheiser enters the wireless race with the RS 160 headphone set. These headphones offer clear sound that’s difficult to beat. As with most other Sennheiser wireless options, these headphones have built-in sound control that’s relatively convenient and easy to use. The RS 160s are also comfortable enough to wear while jogging or walking long distances. Of course, the major drawback to these headphones is the price, though there are pricier sets on the market that don’t do half as good a job as the Sennheiser RS 160 headphones do.