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  • What Bluetooth Can Really Do
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Most computers bought within the past few years have some form of Bluetooth integration. Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard that allows data to be exchanged over short distances. The data transferred is typically not large and heavy data, but is instead short bits of data from keyboards, mice, and headsets. As a result of the increased ubiquity of computers that have Bluetooth integration, there is an increased amount of Bluetooth accessories on the market.

Just about everyone is aware of the stereotypical businessman talking on his Bluetooth. However, in addition to Bluetooth headsets, there are also other types of Bluetooth integration, such as keyboards, mice, and even communication between mobile devices and computers.


By far, the most common use of Bluetooth technology is in Bluetooth headsets. Bluetooth headsets send voice data over short fields, and allow users to use headsets for voice recognition, recording, or Skype calls. Bluetooth headsets are, by definition, wireless, and they are becoming increasingly sleek and slender.

Be wary, though, of using Bluetooth headsets to communicate sensitive information. As with any wireless standard, a Bluetooth headset is less secure than a wired headset is. While the Bluetooth standard provides some encryption, anything sent over wireless protocol is at risk of being intercepted. While the risk is low, stay conscious of it.

Keyboards and Mice

Keyboards and mice with Bluetooth integration are becoming increasingly common, as well. The primary benefit of Bluetooth keyboards and mice is that they do not require cables, so there is nothing to get tangled up. No cords, no cables -- just wireless signals.

However, a common frustration of wireless keyboards and mice is that they take a lot of battery power to operate. It is not uncommon to need to change batteries once every two or months with a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse. To counterbalance this negative aspect of Bluetooth keyboards and mice, some users use rechargeable batteries. You may want to have *two* sets of rechargeable batteries per accessory if you use Bluetooth devices -- that way, you can have batteries ready to go whenever your batteries die.

Mobile Communication

A growing use of the Bluetooth open standard is to transfer data from one mobile device to another. This is exceptionally common if someone owns two devices, one with cellular data and one without. With Bluetooth, users can transfer data from the cellular data device to the device with only Bluetooth. For example, if one receives an important document on his iPhone and needs to edit it on his Bluetooth-enabled laptop, he can do so by transferring it to his device with Bluetooth.

The most important thing to keep in mind when using Bluetooth is that it is a wireless standard -- it is by no means perfectly secure. Do not treat it as such when using it, and do not send anything unencrypted that you wouldn't write on a postcard. This is especially true if you use your Bluetooth devices in a public place, like a coffeeshop or a library. Just be careful and take the necessary precautions, and your data will be safe and secure.