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  • Bose CineMate Series II

It’s the season to buy gifts for other people – or, to buy yourself a great home entertainment system. When it comes to home sound, few companies beat out the ever-popular Bose. But, if you’ve ever wandered into a Bose store lately, you may recall just how tough it is to pick the right Bose system. There are a lot of ideal Bose systems on the current market, but the Bose CineMate Series II sticks out for a few good reasons.

Not only is this system moderately priced at around $550 (not bad for a sound system with excellent sound), it is also a slick system that you’ll be proud to own. You may even find a Black Friday or Boxing Day deal that will make this system even more affordable. If you can wait until after the holiday season, you’re sure to find excellent deals on the CineMate Series II.

Great for Small Rooms

A massive surround sound system is what most people want, but you have to consider the size of your room when choosing a surround sound of any kind. If you have a small living room, the Bose CineMate Series II is all you’ll need for impressive sound. This is a 2.1 speaker system (two speakers and one woofer), but don’t let this number throw you off. The Bose CineMate Series II is not a 5.1 system, but it does offer very good sound.

In fact, great sound is what Bose is known for. You won’t get very high highs or super low lows with this system, which is a good thing. When purchased, you will also receive a four-button remote control. When set up, the sound coming from the CineMate Series II in a small room is excellent.

Easy Set Up

One of the reasons for the $500+ price tag may be the ridiculous user-friendliness of this surround sound system. Plugging the CineMate Series II is really as simple as following the color-coded plugs. Bose took a cue from the iMac, it seems, when creating a sound system that doesn’t require yards of wiring and days to set up.

Just in case you do get confused when setting up this system, the CineMate II does come with a handy user’s manual. Between the user’s manual and the quick set-up, there’s no way that you can get lost when connecting your CineMate Series II. In fact, this system is so great to set up that you can even purchase it for someone special on your holiday list, set it up, and be on your way.


The Bose CineMate Series II is currently on sale at the electronics giant Best Buy. You can also find this surround sound system online through various other retailers. If you have a small room and you’re looking for big sound, you probably don’t need a 5.1 surround sound system. In this case, the Bose CineMate Series II is all that you’ll need to fill your room with lots of great movie noise.