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  • Bragi's Truly Wireless Dash Earbuds
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Wireless headphones are exactly what you need if wires are constantly getting in your way. The only problem is that most wireless headphones aren’t really wireless.

Almost all wireless options have some kind of wire connecting one earbud to the other one. I use the word ‘almost’ here because there is a company that has actually manufactured earbuds that do not have one single tiny wire. No wire connecting bud to bud and no other wires to be found. Truly wireless.

What company has created such wondrous earbuds? The company is called Bragi, and they first spread word of their new wireless earbuds back in 2014. Now, the buds have finally come to fruition - these might be just what you need if you want something without wires.

It Started on Kickstarter

The Bragi earbuds began as a Kickstarter campaign. Bragi promised backers earbuds that were wireless, really wireless, a case that would charge those earbuds, a personal assistant to go along with the earbuds (virtual), and the ability to health track. It has taken a while for the company to actually create the earbuds, but they are officially here.

Bragi brought its new earbuds to CES this year, and the company also has plenty of boxes packed and ready to be shipped to early backers (backers that didn’t get the prototypes they were promised a year ago). The earbuds work and are excellent according to reports, and Bragi is the first company to create technology of this kind.

Thousands Packed

In total, there are more than 4000 Bragi earbuds packed and ready to be shipped to early backers. The buds that are going out to backers early are the same buds that will soon be on retail shelves. Bragi is in talks with Amazon and other companies that are interested in selling the new earbuds.

Bragi has named its new buds ‘Dash,’ which seems kind of an odd name, but the message that Bragi wants to send is that these buds are fast. So not only are they wireless, but they are intelligent as well. With Dash, you’ll get fitness tracking, motion commands, and some other features that will be apparent as soon as the buds start circulating. But the coolest thing about the Dash buds is that they have an excellent sound feature.

Letting Sound Pass

Most noise cancelling earbuds are great at pumping music into your ears, but what those earbuds are bad at is letting you engage with the outside world. Let’s say, for example, that you walk into the gym with your wireless buds in, and you see someone that wants to chat with you. You have to stop and remove your earbuds in order to talk, right? Well, that’s not the case with the Bragi Dash earbuds.

Bragi has done something that lets sound pass through, so while you still won’t hear all the noise at the gym, you will hear that person talking to you without taking your earbuds out. You can also hear that person even if they aren’t in front of you - the sound comes from the direction that the person is speaking in. How cool is that? The price of these earbuds and the actual launch date are still unknown.