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  • Canon’s ELPH 530 HS PowerShot
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Since the line"s inception, Canon PowerShot cameras have been immensely popular. While not a professional-grade line, the PowerShot line does include some nice cameras that many will find appealing. Over the past few years, those Canon cameras that are part of the PowerShot line have come a long way. Today, Canon’s PowerShot offerings are slick, innovative, and still come with a decent price tag.

Recently, Canon introduced a few new cameras to the PowerShot lineup. In addition to the ELPH 530 HS (which this article will cover), Canon introduced the 320 HS and the SX260 HS. All three of these new PowerShot offerings have nice features that will appeal to a number of casual clickers, but the 530 HS includes wireless sharing, which many people will find tough to live without.

Why Wireless Sharing Is Important

With the smartphone craze, it’s hard not to share an image with family or friends via the Internet. Whether you use social media or an app like Instagram, clicking and sharing is what the world does. So, it makes sense (and it’s a good move for Canon) that Canon would introduce cameras that can connect wirelessly. The Canon 530 HS is one such camera (the 320 HS also connects wirelessly, but this camera is a bit different than the 530 HS). Those who purchase the 530 HS can upload photos to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter -- a small convenience that’s absolutely necessary in today’s tech-centered world.

Additional 530 HS Specs

In addition to wireless connectivity, the 530 HS also comes with a 10-megapixel sensor and a 12X optical zoom. The camera body is rather rectangular with a very large screen (the screen encompasses the entire backside of the camera), and it comes in three distinct colors: blue, white, and black. While the style of this camera isn’t anything to really write home about (unless you are looking for something very basic), this is a camera that will sell very well. Why?

More often than not, consumers who purchase PowerShot cameras are looking for something to take on a trip, snap pictures of the kids with, and bring along to a concert. The 530 HS is perfectly sized to fit into any backpack or travel bag with ease, and it also happens to come with some nice specs. The only thing missing here is a decent price tag – but, Canon has you covered price-wise too. The new ELPH 530 HS will retail for around $349 and you can get your hands on this camera in April of 2012.

While Canon keeps innovating, and consumers keep buying Canon cameras, other camera companies (like Kodak) have not been so lucky. These days, the smartphone rules the camera space offering the convenience of a phone in addition to excellent camera features. Will Canon entice more consumers with the new PowerShot lineup? Canon is certainly stay on top of the times by offering wireless connectivity, let’s just hope that consumers still see a need to purchase and use cameras.